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  1. Experienced, professional studio quality band looking for a lead singer/songwriter of the same caliber to help write, record and perform upbeat fun music. We are in our early 30s, fun-loving with a lot of talent and connections. We've recorded an album and performed off and on for the last year with another singer, and are now looking to take our musicianship, songwriting and performance to the next level and establish a strong DC-area following. This means we're looking for someone to commit to everything that's part of being a working band: regular practice, songwriting, promotion costs, etc. while still having fun and keeping the creative energy high. If you play an instrument, that's a bonus, but not required. You can hear some song samples at www.wearethelist.com, and if you're interested we can send mp3s of others in more diverse styles. We do not plan on being locked in to this sound, and are looking to evolve with you. One more note, if this is your first time in a band or you don't have a lot of stage experience, this is probably not the right spot for you.
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