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    Great Jazz Gig Coming Up!

    Hey jazz lovers! So cool I found this site! I love many types of music, but have really been getting into the jazz scene recently. Can't wait to learn what sorts of hidden jazz treasures are here in DC. Wanted to tell folks about an upcoming gig by an artist I really enjoy. Ned Goold and and his trio will be showing up at Twins dinner club on the 29th and 29th of January. Ned is an amazing tenor saxaphonist and has a new CD coming out. He has a regular gig as musical director and lead sax in Harry Connick, Jr.'s big band, but his own stuff is more abstract than the standards that Harry performs. This promises to be a great show an I wanted to get the word out. You can go here for more info. Hope to see some of you jazz heads there! Who are some great locals I can start looking out for? As you may have guessed, I really love brass, so steer me in the direction of any gigs like that.