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    I love her music! I noticed her myspace was down though so I ended up buying her stuff off itunes. can't stop listening.
  2. bapple326


    I love her album! My favorite song is Letting Go
  3. bapple326


    I've been listening to a lot of country lately and my friend actually got me into this group called Rusty Truck. I really like their music! It's more folk than pop country but it still sounds really good. My favorite song is Broken Promises. Anyone else into country or Rusty Truck?
  4. bapple326


    This group is the real deal! Theyre an amazing rock band from So Cal and already have it going for them! In 2006 they won for Best Rock Band at the SoCal Music Awards. Crazy!
  5. yeah i think theyre my cup of tea! im diggin the song black widow, sweet intro and mellow tunes. i love it!
  6. I'm playing Glee Slipper by ScientificLifestyle and jammin out to the awesome keyboard and soul sound. What are you playing?
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