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►Must be high school drop-out

►Must be willing to send mixed signals about your sexual interests

►Must obtain GED even if your "husband" does not want you to

►Must be willing to provide oral presentations in lieu of skill sets

►Must have gotten pregnant before 16 years of age

►Must have consumed Marijuana as a teenager

►Must be Single White Female previously on Welfare

►Must be willing to sleep with your subordinates

►Must be willing to overlook law violators

►Must be willing to "HUG" everyone

►Must be willing to have stolen services from CSX as a teenager

►Must be willing to have consumed alcohol underage

►Must be offended when men say your "butt looks like a black woman"

►Must have been anorexic as a teenager

►Must be willing to OD on PhenPhen after it is made illegal in USA

►Must be willing to prostitute yourself for the cause


►Must be from Trailer Park USA and DAMNED Proud of it...

►Must be willing to hire publicists to promote your deficits

►MUST FALSIFY your application and FULLY expect to get away with it

►Must be willing to ignore the law when it pertains to your boss

►Must be willing to rehire criminals...

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