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    None of these ip addresses are the same and thus not proof of anything and the word of a lying fag like Bfrankdc does not count. Violated Guidelines. This post will be placed in Spam folder. Member: Mr Rees Email: ward3lady@hotmail.com IP: IP: IP: IP: IP: IP:

    Luke said no such thing. You are the liar Martin. Tell Luke to email me that fact.
  3. DCist Editor Martin Austermuhle Is A Player In Selling Drugs To Children. Martin Austermuhle knows that every communist group in South America with Venezuela being no exception came to power by financing its coups from drug $$$, the use of indiscriminate violence against men, women and children and when they were finally elected, it was a bogus election where people voted in the communists not because they wanted to but felt they had no choice otherwise they feared more of the same by radicals who would not stop their machines of death until they had the power. This fact is something Austermuhle chooses to ignore and as an agent of Hugo Chavez that makes him a drug dealer, merchant of death and a professional in the art of deceit which he has been doing on the internet using hundreds of screen names to attack anyone who disagrees with him. Martin Austermuhle is a professional and paid liar plain and simple. Every since Austermuhle has entered this country, he has started trouble everywhere he has gone whether it was on the campus of Penn State or here in DC. If it was not against the law, I would give this man three fast kicks into his groin, throat and face for all the children whose deaths he helped caused!
  4. I post here Fagchecker because you gay people make me sick with your aggressive, obnoxious and vindictive behavior of bashing people who do not agree up front to support your agenda and I think your kind need to be told off. You are hurting it for most of the gay community with your radical ways.

    I did not such thing *happy person**!
  6. Who is Ida Smith Rees ?

    Again you guys are assuming things. How I met Mrs. Smith is she came to DC, lived in the same area as I did, was cooperating in a book that coutered the one about her son, she and I became friends and when she decided to go back home because of health reasons related to her father, I went down to meet her family. So this should solve the mystery what I was doing in Longview, Texas. I also have two cousins living in Houston. You guys are always so wrong but you intend to always distort the truth but that is fine as what you say has only helped me win over people who think you are jerks and probably the opposition which they feel I would not be so bashed so much if I was no threat to the $10,000 Homophobe Sam Brooks which is who many think you are.
  7. Human, Trust me, all of these people are just two guys Martin Austermuhle and Sam Brooks. Austermuhle is a two faced liar and one of the best liars I have ever seen. He lies about his past, about why his family fled Germany after World War II to South America which was what Nazi war criminals did to avoid being arrested as they knew they would not be returned, he has lied about his role in starting an on campus riot and he has lied about not being still an active member of the communist party as he went out of his way to seek work with a communist government here in DC. When I disclosed these facts about Austermuhle, this Nazi went crazy and used his blog to attack me but yesterday members of the press got to see all the harassing emails he sent me and shortly thereafter, all attacks on me on two blogs were deleted. I think I did a good job of convincing many yesterday that Austermuhle is behind most of the phony screen names. I told one reporter to place anything on the blog that sounds like it is me and watch how fast I will be accused of it by Austermuhle who sits all day long in front of a computer. Sure enough within less than 3 minutes on DC Wire Austermuhle attacked again. I PROVED MY POINT and all attacks on me on two blogs were deleted. It is not kids Human, it is that sick man Austermuhle who got angry over my exposing his past love affair with my rival Sam Brooks.
  8. Factchecker, When I originally filed at both the DC BOEE and DC OCF, I attached proof of what I spent and I stand proud that I was able to get my work done outside the USA but that is because most of my family is to be found in Puerto Rico and many in the DC Government know that. I would challenge you to prove anything I said is false but you will not because you do not want to come out from the shadow and disclose who you really are. I knew jealous people would question and that is why I made sure that I lodged my proof up front where it counts as I do not have to prove anything to an alias name who is probably who I have said you are all along. The people down at the DC BOEE and DC OCF have met many members of my Team so as long as these two agencies are satisfied then who cares what you say because you are nobody.
  9. I have no aliases just a lot of friends who hate queers like BFrank.
  10. Who is Ida Smith Rees ?

    There is nobody named Ida Smith Rees and I would love for you to prove there is or ever was. Ida Smith is the mother of a famous criminal locked up in California as a contract killer. Ida Smith has a son named James Smith who is the subject of this book > http://www.twocodesformurder.com/ This is her son >http://www.twocodesformurder.com/book/true_criminals.htm So guess why I was in Texas and you win a lollipop.

    I have no realtionship with this ward 3 lady.