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  1. Your biggest mistake is, you are not blaming the real person(s) for these postings and until you do, you are spinning your wheels. If one person is banned and not the correct one, then the postings will continue.
  2. Again you have proven nothing as you have never shown that these IP addresses in fact belong to the person you have accused nor have you proven in the alternative that they belong to anyone else. After the fact, anybody can doctor records. You do it, I can do it and so can the next guy. Sorry Charlie but when it is too easy to doctor things, nothing should be believed here on the net.
  3. godfather

    The strange case of Jonathan Rees

    I cannot answer where Rees went to school as I do not know and never asked. Where Rees works is well known to many in the press. Rees never spammed judges by email and it was not the candidate Rees. What happened was somebody erected a website despicting one of the judge as a drunk passed out in his livingroom, another judge at the court saw it and she was the one who passed it around to another judge. The judge who was being picked on had (that) that Rees arrested for disrepecting a judge but the US Attorney refused to presecute the case based upon what happened was a protected constitutional right and not a crime and to allow judges to arrest people for insulting them outside the courthouse would undue our constitutional rights to free speech. You need to do a better job of reporting things. Why Rees deleted his yahoo rooms I do not know and is that the end of the world azz wipe?
  4. Looks like another phony cut and paste job you guys are doing to mislead people. Furthermore, that is not Rees phone number and never was. Nice try, but I bet now you deleted that link to be able to turn around and acuse Rees of it.
  5. Since I am not who you think I am, then I do not have to be politically correct. As a matter of fact, my views on gay rights, gay marriage and more differs from all the candidates as I disapprove of it.
  6. godfather


    When I read that article, the only mention of Rees was that he thought the situation was sad. The Washington Post reporter at issue actually sent an email to all (60 people) on the original email list in an effort to see who might have knowledge of this matter and Rees and others did reply. Furthermore, I heard over the weekend that Tamela Gordon lied to the Post as the OSC said they had not spoken to her as she said in the article and Lori Montgomery was way off base,
  7. Anything you write against a candidate is an act to attempt to influence an election.
  8. If Sam Brooks has a good memory then he knows we went at him three years ago. Three years ago Rees was not even in the picture. So who are we? Sam should have some idea. We think it is great that you are putting the blame on someone other than us because that makes it all the more fun messing up on your morons. If you have any brains in your heads then you would put it to work and ask yourselves who am I or we!
  9. godfather


    Rees is not posting her so why bother asking him to answer something he probably does not see. Washington Post never printed any article about anything you said. That person who turned in Tamela Gordon is an ex-friend but she will have to figure out who it is.
  10. Why, because Rees is not posting anything. I gave all of you morons two hints last night as to who we are and you have yet to use your pea brains to even guess.
  11. And if so, you are doing the same by what you have posted.
  12. Not concerned at all. I am playing with you jerks because you are so far off the beaten trail that you would be surprised to know who we really are but it is good you think we are those people!
  13. Leave Martin alone Golden Gir. Better yet, why not go out on a date with this fine dutch boy so he can bend you over and stick his thumb in a dike.
  14. godfather


    How many Jrrees are there in Metro DC? I believe 4. Any proof this is that Jrrees you speak of? If not, you are wasting everybodys time. We want hear about campaign fraud, illegal fundraising and stabbing the gay community in the back.
  15. godfather

    HOW many kids?

    Truthseeker, I am not concerned how many children Rees has, I am more concerned how many times he banged your wife Sue while you were at work out in Tysons Corner.