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  1. No need to rephrase your point. I get it . I have long observed his favortism. I voted for him during his first council run, but got turned off by numerous things that he has done, not the least of which was to manipulate the BOEE to influence the outcome of ANC elections. At least 3 of his own employees have served as ANCs while he was in office. I am not a Fenty fan.
  2. I didn't know him as a child, but I have known and observed him as my ward's council rep. And he definitely exhibits a more concerned, accomodating and genuinely friendly posture in dealing with his more affluent constituents. He comes off patronizing, arrogant, impatient and bored with at meetings with less affluent constituents. That, of course, changed a bit during the election campaign when he went stomping in SE.
  3. koolaidsmile

    Best Bbq In Dc!

    I love good Q! It's good to know these options that come with personal recommendations. Thanks. I also enjoy Capital Q at 7th & H. Also, a new place has opened up near the Takoma Metro. It's "The Red Line Grill", and I think former Redskin Brian Mitchell is a partner.
  4. Thanks for the welcome! A friend e-mailed a message from a Yahoo listserve which included a DCMessage Board link. I am unfamilar with the Ward 3 candidate scandal, but from surfing the topics on the site, I can see it is a dominant discussion. As for any type of scandal, nothing really shocks me in this town.
  5. Hello...I just joined the forum, as I am interested in reading dialogue about political and civic issues in the city. The article concerning Mr. Fenty's misappropriation of funds from his elderly client appeared in the Washington Post on the first Friday in August, 2002. It was a large frontpage article. I recall it vividly, as my family lives in Ward 4 and has been an active particpant in community activities. I am surprised that he wasn't disbarred. Contrary to popular belief of his affluent constituents, there is LESS to Mr. Fenty than meets the eye.