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  1. Great plan Sam Brooks. Anybody who does not praise you is automatically Rees or posting from the same IP address which you can allege all you want but cannot prove. I automatically post using a program that conceals my real IP address and choses between 275 different ones. Sam, I know that yesterday you submitted papers at the OCF resigning as your own treasurer and appointed another guy. There is nothing you do that I and others are not aware of. Mr. John Q. Public may believe that Robert Gordon will prevail but he is entitled to his opinion.
  2. Letter to the Editor USG town senator should resign following riot arrest. I find this letter very difficult to draft, but I believe it to be my best course of action regarding the events that occurred in the early morning hours of July 16. The riot, which it has repeatedly been called, has once again cast a dark shadow upon the Arts Festival weekend for Penn State and the greater State College communities. A large group outside of Acme Pizza on Beaver Avenue is nothing new on Saturday nights. But what makes this weekend special is that 15 people were arrested, including Martin Austermuhle, an Undergraduate Student Government town senator. Martin and I have shared the pleasure of knowing each other through our studies as international politics majors. We both have studied in the same lectures and have often debated one another, both on and off campus. As members of the Penn State United Nations organization, we have come to appreciate each other's different political and societal views concerning the present and future of our globalized world. Martin and I even joked around on Allen Street a couple of weeks ago when the NGA Conference was being held here in State College. Though I do not always agree with his opinions, I openly and honestly believe he is entitled to whatever he believes in and should follow that agenda. I even applaud Mr. Austermuhle for launching the Students for Accountability and Reform and its continued quest of helping those in the most depressed areas of the world. Martin Austermuhle was once again elected in the most recent USG elections as a town senator representing Penn State constituents who reside off of campus. I cast my ballot for him and believe his representation to be true and just. However, following his arrest stemming from the events earlier in the week, I feel he has embarrassed the University, the town of State College and most especially the Penn State student body, which has voted him into his current position. His actions, whatever they may have been, are unbecoming of an elected student representative of this great university. This letter is not personal in any form, whatsoever. But due to the circumstances and conduct of Martin Austermuhle occurring on July 16, 2000, I respectfully request that he resign his position as USG Town Senator immediately and apologize to those who trusted him with their votes. IS THIS THE SAME SELF-RIGHTEOUS SON OF A doggess WHO GOES AROUND DC PRETENDING TO BE HOLIER THAN THOU? YEP, SAME BUTTHOLE!
  3. Tbresloff

    Rees impersonates police officer

    Factchecker, I believe that you may be dead wrong on this issue. I think Officer Magana invited anyone who doubts that he posted to appear at his office today after 3 PM and he would be glad to identify himself as the person who posted. Of course, Officer Magana is asking that you bring proper identification of yourself which I doubt you will do as you will then give yourself away. Accusing someone of impersonating a police officer is dangerous and what if Officer Magana confirms he did post such? I would suggest before you post allegations of impersonation that you first check out the facts as you cannot call yourself factchecker when you have not yet checked it out?
  4. I have to agree with him if you read reports now and then why the turn out rate is low. You see, you, Rees and I are concerned but we are the exception but many out there do not care what you, Rees or I think as they feel they will be the loser no matter what. I wish people were more concerned but they are not.
  5. Mr. Rees was right. I worked for them in NYS as the office there had inhouse counsel and libbyists but often would turn to a lawfirm of Skadden Arps when I was there. When I first started, it was called Smith Kline & French and it got bought up in time by Glaxo. Mr
  6. I am afraid that too many elections are won on name recognition.
  7. I went back to school after my divorce. I was previously an office manager for Glaxo...Pharmaceuticals in their legal and legislative division. I doubt I ever held anything as good as Mr. Rees as my work was just in one section not an entire operation. How old are you? I am 45.
  8. That is vague. Consultant in what field? My background has been in management but mainly in the area of working in the legal and legislative offices of the food, government and health care indsutries.
  9. Why? Because there have just been way too many phony postings with ill intent behind them.
  10. Assuming the information you have received is accurate and true and not something fabricated by a detractor then you would have some valid points but I suspect they are not. I have no relationship to any of the candidates and I believe that the media has been rife with facts about Mr. Rees all round and I can see why he gets frustrated having to repeat such over and over again. I hide behind no proxy as I use a Verizon DSL.
  11. Why do I not registered? Because I will move back home to New York City when I am finished schooling. My interest here is that I have never seen so much hatred coming from a person like you that it makes me wonder if your hate is for reasons other than what it appears. Beyond that, I hope to get involved in New York State politics. In my mind, Mr. Rees has done no harm to you and you just do not stop and I think it is more personal than it is professional or the desire to size up candidates.
  12. That is a lie Bfrank. It is DC BOEE not DC BEE. That shows you do not know what you are talking about. I live here but I am a student. Thus I cannot vote.
  13. The portions below of Rees (Resume) I believe was published or stated by a few newspapers. EMPLOYMENT HISTORY INSTITUTIONAL DENTAL CARE, INC. Washington, D.C. 20018 April 2005 to Present Business Manager ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I called the business above and they did verify that Rees was their business manager. I spoke to a M. Aquino. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALBA FOODS CORPORATION ROYAL AHOLD FOODS, NETHERLANDS LEGAL DEPARTMENT Washington, D.C. 20009 January 1990 to March 2005 Office Manager SMS, INCORPORATED * (Filed bankruptcy in 1995) DIV OF BERNARD HILL, LTD. Washington, D.C. 20007 January 1984 to December 1989 Purchasing and Distribution Manager CONCORDIA APARTMENTS DIV. WORLD BANK Washington, D.C. 20005 July 1979 - December 1983 Business Manager I called to both educational institutions and NYU said that I would have to get a written consent to see Mr. Rees records and the other said that their database only goes back ten years and beyond that I would have to obtain a release form from Mr. Rees and pay a fee. So at first, I was told they had no record but then they qualified it by stating that anything older than ten years was in archive and I had to request such information in writing with the approval of Mr. Rees (student).
  14. I just placed a called to the DC Board of Elections and Ethics and spoke with the office of Kathy Fairley who confirms that there is no B. Frank registered as a voter in Ward 3. Watch, B. Frank will soon appear under another name Factchecker
  15. Tbresloff

    A Complete List of Sam Brooks Aliases

    Truthseeker, What is your definition of ( genuine political topics )? I have looked at the websites and Brooks seems to lack any substance but is quite bland as it does not speak of any matters facing DC, what he wants to do but merely tells us that great days area ahead and that is it. I would say that Brooks is more guilty of lacking the ability of addressing a genuine political topic. I am not taking sides but you need to stop showing your bias as it is so self-evident as to what motivates you empty argument.