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  1. Ya but it doesn't matter. Nothing is going to happen to the criminals that tortured people in the name of America.
  2. How about cuts to the military budget? I think that would be an easier way to make cuts that don't hurt anybody. We throw away $1 Trillion dollars a year on Wars and our Military. If we did this, we would could make less spending cuts in areas that tax dollars are actually spent on Americans in America.
  3. The Moroccan King seems to be trying to do the right thing. He has at least taken some measures that remove power from him and instead are given to the Prime Minister, called the President of the Government, and to the Legislature. That is true...democracy took hundreds of years in England to develop into what it is today, so I think it is smart to think that it is impossible to create over night. But at least the first steps are being made King Mohammed of Morocco proposes Constitutional changes, but is it enough?
  4. There are plenty of reasons Qatar should lose its bid to the World Cup, but the most recent bribe allegations should yank it from them. In the article, Should Qatar lose its bid to host the 2022 World Cup?, says It also lists other reasons for not having the World Cup there. It should be in the US and it seems that anti-US sentiment contributed to us finishing second. Anyways, Qatar should lose its bid over paying bribes.
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    Lets Put Things Into Perspective, Shall We?

    lol...No kidding though.
  6. bluemoon22

    Who Do You Think Will Be Our Next President?

    Unless the Republicans field a surprise candidate, I don't see any of them beating President Obama. Their slate is horrible.
  7. It is reported Israel killed 20 unarmed protesters on its border yesterday. This was ridiculous. Israel didn't need to kill those people. The IDF could have used rubber bullets and other means to keep Palestinian and Syrian refugees from attempting to enter their lands taken from them by Israel in the 1967 Six Day War. We need to focus more on this conflict and end it already. Was Israel's response "measured" against protesters in the Syrian Golan Heights?
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    No hopefully they get someone new because they badly need it...
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    New LeBron James Nike Commercial

    LeBron is forever a tool.