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    America Needs Inspiration From Our Leaders

    The main point of the people who have lived before us includes this fact: When the wealthy rulers were unable to keep the poor working then the "times had to change". In other words, it is obvious that history repeats itself. People get tired of meagerly getting by when there are a few percent of rich ruling in favor of their wealth and gain. Democracy is to rule for the group not for the few. Good rulers throughout history have always given of their own wealth to accomplish great feats. A working revolution has always had to change the structure of power and wealth with other regimes, even the military quits participating when they see the unfairness of a government. Inspiration is not with words but with action. The spiritual power of a nation is within the meek and those who have to live on hope of a Change. It is more fair to tax the wealthy than to keep taxing the poor----------think Robin Hood. How does this type of selfish gain cause a fall? Scientifically, a point of homeostasis is always sought where a balance occurs. It will continue to get worse until some heavy weights on the side of the wealthy powers are equalized for the sake of the poor, overworked and unemployed.