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    Bring Back the American Dream

    My Resume was sitting un-touched on Monster.com for over a year. Last week I was suddenly contacted by two different recruiting firms that were scouring Monster. Same thing happened to a former co-worker of mine too. The economy is getting better. More jobs were created under Obama's term so far than during all of Bush's 8 years. http://politifact.com/ohio/statements/2011/apr/28/joe-biden/vice-president-joe-biden-says-there-were-more-new-/ NPR had a story on how some economists think we may be seeing the starting stages of another tech bubble. Money is starting to flow again. People are slowly starting to take risks. Service and Tech will be the first to recover. And once these people have money to buy things, manufacturing and housing will follow. Cheer up. Good times are on the way. PS. The first thing they asked me to do was update my resume. :-P
  2. That is a fake internet rumor. There was no such settlement. The case was thrown out. http://www.snopes.com/politics/business/matrix.asp
  3. mrbinky3000

    Wrongful accusation...Please help

    This is a well documented internet confidence scam. Ignore this person.
  4. Just testing some blog functionality. I took this video over the weekend. Enjoy:
  5. mrbinky3000

    Flaming Lips

    Saw the Flaming Lips this weekend. Lots of fun. Here's some video.
  6. So, You've never heard the term "burial at sea" before? Ever? Really? Let me explain how they do it: they throw you into the ocean, you sink. The more fundamentalist forms of Islam require that you be buried within 24 hours. I'm sure that before today, in the whole course of human history, Islamic people have died or been buried at sea. I'm pretty sure Islam has it covered. So, in regards to your post: "Sell crazy someplace else, we're all stocked up here."
  7. mrbinky3000

    We Just Killed Osama Bin Laden!!!

    Unfortunately, that picture is a fake. It's three other photos put together. http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/may/02/osama-bin-laden-photo-fake I have no doubt they will release a photo and video of the burial at sea. I hope they kicked him out of the copter from really high up into a swarm of sharks. Also, congrats to Obama and all the spies and soldiers. Could you imagine if this FAILED? Obama would be forever known as the president who let Bin Laden escape. He'd have no chance at re-election. Terrorists around the world would be emboldened. Obama took a big gamble and it paid off. He's got what it takes to be commander in chief. I'm more excited about the fact that they had 40 minutes to gather up documents and evidence. There are a lot of folks looking out their windows for a cruise missile right now.
  8. mrbinky3000

    Fox News Thinks Bush is Still President

    It's Fox News. What did you expect. Their goal from now until the election is to take this sentence: "Obama killed Osama Bin Laden" and substitute "Bush" in for "Obama" somehow. They'll just repeat it enough times until the idiots that watch Fox News are thoroughly programmed. The truth of the matter is that this was a HUGE risk for Obama and the rest of the world. He took it, and it paid off. It shows the man has the set of big brass ones it takes to be commander in chief of the best military in the world. Could you imagine if the mission failed? Obama would be forever compared to Carter. He'd have no chance at re-election. He'd be known only as the President who let Bin Laden escape. And terrorists around the world would be emboldened. He had a lot to lose and he lived up to his campaign promise to take unilateral action if presented with an opportunity to take out Bin Laden. (Which was something Hillary Clinton tried to criticize during the campaign by the way) So, congrats to Obama. Congrats to all the hard working spies and special forces soldiers who got the job done.
  9. Are you seriously blaming Obama for the Gulf of Mexico? Didn't Republicans chant "Drill baby Drill?"
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    Goodness, I think the vast majority of people understood the point of the Rally, which is roughly: moderates are the true silent majority. You've got Keith Oberman calling Stewart naive, and you've got the extreme right blogging about how the media is distorting the size of the crowd and how the crowd was nothing but pot smokers and gays. Thus proving that the rally was indeed for moderates, and that the extreme fringes are indeed the extreme fringes, and the extreme fringes get more coverage on cable news than moderates. On cable TV, screaming heads sell more toothpaste than calm, rational heads, evidently. That said, I'd estimate that over 90% of the signs were either satire of extremist signs, or were calls for moderation. Of course, there were a few "Legalize Pot" and anti-tea-party signs (the fringe left) and an equal number of "Impeach Obama" and unfair taxation signs (the fringe right). CBS stated ~215K crowd size. They also showed the exact method they used to determine both the Beck and Stewart/Colbert crowd sizes. No doubt people will argue, but as someone who was actually in the center of the crowd, there were more than "10's of thousands" as the extreme right would have you believe and less than 10 Million as Stewart joked in his opening remarks. I think 200K is a fair estimate.
  11. Took this video at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.
  12. Video taken by me in the approximate geographical center of the ~200K sized crowd.
  13. mrbinky3000

    Thanksgiving Break

    Got back from a quick vacation to Colorado to visit the inlaws for Thanksgiving. Took a ton of photos and videos. You can check em out here. http://matt.athensmusician.net/gallery2/v/2009-11-22_colorado_thanksgiving/ In the mean time, here are a few photos that I took of a ghost town called St. Elmo, Colorado.
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    Blog Fixes... Feed Fixes

    Feed Fixes First off, I visited dcmessageboards.com only to be greeted by a PHP error in a scrip that I wrote. The bug was located the script that displays that facebook-like event feed on dcmessageboards.com and dcpages.com. I didn't change the script, so something must have changed on the server. Anyhow, I figured out a work around and learned some more about how IP.Board works. For the most part, any PHP code not located in a class or function gets parsed before the page is even displayed. That's why when things go wrong, we get those "headers already sent" messages at the top of the page. PHP already displayed error messages before the IP.Board could set cookies or set headers. Want your code to run only when needed. Put it in a function, or better yet, a class and then make it a IP.Board hook. Also note that the <php> </php> template tags to execute PHP code. But you can't use them to echo or print things in the template. They don't work that way. They seem to run before the rest of the page is even loaded. It goes back to what I said about any code not located in a class or function. Only in this case, the code will always print to the page before the template is even loaded... even if it is in a class or function. The only way to get code to display "in place" is to use a template hook. I'm kinda bummed that IPS still hasn't released the documentation for this project. They have bits of it up here and there, but very little on the "behind the scenes" class methods and properties available to us--otherwise known as an API. The say it will happen soon. In the mean time, seemingly simple updates will continue to take hours instead of minutes. Most of that time is spent trying to deduce just what variables and objects are available for my use in the template. The other time is spent trying to find the template in the first place. Blog Fixes I was asked to make it more obvious when a blog requires comments to be approved. People were filling out comments and they were not instantaneously appearing under the blog. It gave people the impression that their comment went straight into the trash or fell victim to a bug of some sort. In reality, their comments were just waiting to be approved by the blog author. So now, when a blog's comment approval level is set to 'all' (meaning all comments must be approved) or 'guests' (meaning that only guest comments need to be approved), the user sees a note right above the text editor.
  15. Stuff like this makes me happy I voted for Obama.
  16. mrbinky3000

    Allegiance - Neat Free Game

    Just to let you all know. If you have a Windows PC, try playing Allegiance. It is a multiplayer online dogfighting and strategy game. I discovered it a few weeks ago and I'm now adicted to it. The game is totally free. If you use Vista, run it under windows 2003 compatibility mode. Otherwise, you should have no problems. Download it here. http://www.freeallegiance.org/ Let me know if you start playing.
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    The Greening CD Release Party

    The Greening.... San Francisco.... Let me guess. They are a jam band? :-P
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    Washington Pride

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    Washington Pride

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    Your In-Season Plan

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    Just saw Zombieland. I have to say, it lived up to the hype. It was both hilarious and very suspenseful. It also has the best cameo appearance in a movie that I've seen in a long time. I can't tell you anything more about it without spoiling the film. My only critique is that they hired these movie actor clones to play leading roles. Here is what I mean. Lead actor Jessie Eisenberg looks and acts like neurotic indie actor Michael Cera. And lead actress Emma Stone looks (but thankfully acts better than) Lindsey Lohan. It is painfully obvious that these people were hired because of their similarity to their more famous counterparts. Anyhow, go see the movie. I liked it. It has some serious gore, and some serious laughs. Its a great date movie.
  22. mrbinky3000

    Created "Activity" Feed

    Just finished creating a series of classes that creates a facebook-like recent activity feed for the entire DC Pages network. You might have noticed it on the front page of this website, or on the front page of dcpages.com This post is also a test. A notification of this new post should appear in the event feed. On another note, for some reason hitting the ENTER or RETURN key on your keyboard does not make a new line in the blog text editor. You have to hold down SHIFT+RETURN to get a new line. Strange. Also, the "OTHER STYLES" drop-down is littered with weird custom styles. Some of which are not necessary anymore since the last update to the software. There is a new media button for inserting videos. Will have to work on that stuff too.
  23. mrbinky3000

    Obama wins 2009 Nobel Peace Prize

    I'm an Obamma fan, but why did he win? He hasn't ended any of our wars yet. There is still unrest in the middle east. Democrats and Republicans are still partisan and petty. I guess the Economy is a little better, but he didn't get the Nobel for finance. Strange.