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. Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Messages from God

But after the distortion of Judaism and Christianity

God sent the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, with the message of Islam

To correct this misrepresentation


Biblical nonsense about the prophets


  all the absurdities put on the account of the prophets and pious men that we find in the "holy" bible. As a Muslim, we do not recognize these nonsense. The prophets, peace be upon them, are innocent of these gossip.

Before making these kinds of accusations, you have to be very careful not to find yourself in a difficult position, such as finding in your own Bible that prophets tried to kill themselves.


When we read the Bible, as Muslims, we come across certain nonsense such as the prophet Lot (as) who would have slept with his two daughters under the influence of alcohol and who were pregnant with him by incest , or David (as) who would have committed adultery with the wife of Uri and would have killed her husband to marry her then,haron (as) who would have made the idol of the golden calf who perverts the sons from Israel, Solomon (as) who would have ended his polytheistic life because of his wives, etc. May God preserve us from saying such nonsense about the best men who have walked on this earth.


How to believe distorted Bible stories about the prophets !



Biblical absurdities about the prophets


Now let's see another absurdity attributed to the prophet Noah (as).


 The tragic episode of Noah's nudity


We read in Genesis chapter 9, 22-23 this:



“Noah, first a farmer planted a vineyard. He drank of his wine and got drunk, and lay unclothed in the midst of his tent. Ham, the father of Canaan, saw his father unclothed and told his two brothers outside.But Shem and Japheth took a garment and laid it across their shoulders; then they walked in backward and covered their father’s unclothed body. Their faces were turned the other way so that they would not see their father unclothed.



The first thing that shocks here is seeing the prophet Noah (as) getting drunk to the point of undressing while remaining unclothed “in the middle of his tent”. Besides this absurdity attributed to this noble prophet, there is another ...



What to say after all this? Not much. Christians who attempt to refute the Jewish comments should be very careful because Jesus (as) allegedly said: “ 2 “The teachers of the law and the Pharisees sit in Moses’ seat. 3 So you must be careful to do everything they tell you. But do not do what they do, for they do not practice what they preach.

Matthew 23, 2-3).



That is, the Jews are the best able to understand their scriptures. Not to mention that they consider that the Talmud contains part of the oral Torah which was revealed to Moses (as) on Mount Sinai ... It is therefore a revelation for them.


And if Christians still want to refute this fact, then Jesus did not say: Anyone who does not love me will not obey my teaching. These words you hear are not my own; they belong to the Father who sent me.


John 14,24).


الرؤيا التي زادتني إيماناً | صبور أحمد في حوار مع ملحد








زائر محترم يسأل منصور: هل ادعى محمداً النبوة لأجل الشهرة والسلطة؟








هل ستؤمنون بالدجال إن فعل نفس الشيء؟ | هاشم في حوار مع مسيحيين







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The calendar year of Islam begins not with the birthday of our prophet (peace be on him), not from the time that the revelation came to him (Bethat) nor from the time of his ascension to heaven, but with the migration (Hijra) from an undesirable environment into a desirable place to fulfill Allah's command. It was migration from a plot that was set by the leaders of the Quraysh who were plotting to kill prophet Muhammad, and to destroy the truth that today is being conveyed to mankind everywhere against tyranny and injustice. Their purpose was to destroy the foundation of the Islamic state, the Sunnah of the tradition of the prophet, and to prevent the revelation being delivered by Allah's messenger to mankind.



The Islamic calendar is reckoned from the time of migration (Hijra) of Prophet Mohammad (Peace Be Upon Him) from Mecca to Madina. The Prophet's decision to migrate from Mecca came after several years of inhuman treatment of the faithful by the powerful tribes who were united despite all their feuds to stop the spread of Islam.


Prophet Mohammad's decision to leave Mecca coincided with the infidel's plan to assassinate him. In 622 AD, the Quresh tribesmen held a meeting and decided that a band of young men, one from each tribe, should assassinate Prophet Mohammad collectively so that their responsibility for the murder could not be placed on any particular tribe.


On the eventful night, the Prophet asked his cousin Ali Ben Abutalib to take his place in bed to make the Meccans think that he was asleep. The Prophet himself slipped out unobserved alongwith his loyal follower Abu Bakr (who was chosen as the first C aliph after the death of the prophet). They secretly made their way to a cave named Thawr, not far from Mecca and lay in hiding there for a day or two until Abu Bakr's son reported that the search for him had been given up. Then the two set out from Madina on camel back. They reached Quba, on the edge of the Madina oasis, on 12th Rabiul Awwal. With Mohammad's arrival in Quba a new phase of his career and glory of Islam started.


This migration has a special significance in the history of Islam. It ended the Meccan period of humiliation and torture and began the era of success. His own people to whom he preached Islam for 13 years neglected the Prophet of Islam. But he was cordially received in Madina as an honored chief.


In Madina his power enhanced day by day. Here he was not only the religious leader but took the role of a politician and statesman too. Prophet Mohammad expired ten years after his migration to Madina but only in one decade he changed the course of human history.


In view of this special significance of the Prophet's migration the consultative body advised the Second Islamic Caliph, Omar ben Khattab, to start the Islamic year from the date of migration of the Prophet from Mecca to Madina.


According to early Moslem scholars, Abu Musa Al Shari drew attention of Omar to an improperly dated debenture or IOU which was payable in the month of Shaban but it was not clear which Shaban was actually meant, the present one or the coming one. Omar called the dignitaries for consultation who made several suggestions to begin the Islamic calendar.


Ali (who later became the fourth caliph) suggested the Hijra as the beginning of the Islamic year with Moharram as its first month. Consequently, Caliph Omar in 21 A.H. or 641 A.D introduced the Islamic calendar in its present form.




The guidance about the Islamic calendar is taken from the following verses from the Holy Quran: (In the name of GOD most gracious and most merciful)


"Lo the number of the months with God is twelve months." IX:36.


"They ask thee, of new moons. Say: They are fixed seasons for mankind and for the pilgrimage." II:189.


"He it is who appointed the sun a splendor and the moon a light, and measured for her stages, that ye might know the number of the years, and the reckoning." X:5


The Islamic Calendar of 12 Lunar Months is determined by observation of the new moon with no effort by intercalation (addition) or other means to synchronize the Lunar year with the Solar year.



09 - The Hijrah - The Migration To Madina







Seerah of Prophet Muhammed 27 - The Hijrah - Emigration to Madinah - Yasir Qadhi |




لهذا السبب اعتنقت الإسلام - اليكس Speaker's corner





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God has given to the scholars a great role in all times so that mankind will have discoveries and efforts to find out the secrets of the universe that God created

and so that human has a role in life.


Even the Prophet Jesus , peace be upon him, used to cure people of diseases, God willing, as a miracle for him from God

He did not prescribe medicine for every disease


Thus, we notice that there are many medicines in the prophetic medicine and in the Holy Qur’an,

and we must take it and make experiments and discoveries with regard to medicines

but the use of these plants or herbs is not for everyone,


but rather for specialized researchers from scholars, researchers, doctors and men of modern science.

So as not to use it improperly


The Messenger came to perfect behavior. He taught not only us what foods we should eat hut how they should be prepared. Things like covering food, washing hands before eating and boiling food thoroughly when cooking were all stressed by the Prophet.


In fact, the same is true of the etiquette of eating. The Messenger taught us to sit in such a manner that food would fill our stomach only to a third of its capacity.


The Messenger, upon him he peace, mentioned over seventy specific foods which he considered healthy. Modern science has confirmed that he was right. Among the foods mentioned were honey, dates, vinegar, fish, and ginger.


Preparation of Medicines


Most medicines in al-Tibb al-Nabawi are based on the dietary advice of the Messenger, upon him be peace. A simple illness requires simple medicine.


The cure for imbalance leaning towards heat would be something cold. In fact, the classic example is the fever. The Prophet said, “Fever is from the hell, put it out with water.” (Bukhari and Muslim)


A complex illness e.g. one leaning to hot-dry would require a complex mixture, in our example a cold-dry cure.



The Prophet (PBUH) said “For every illness there is a cure. If the cure matches the illness, improvement will take place by the permission of God.” (related by Jabir in the book of Sahih Muslim) and “God didn’t send down an illness except that He sent down a cure.” (Bukhari).


The above sayings establish their important principles. Firstly, they encourage the administration of medicines. In fact, there is agreement among the majority of Muslim scholars that it’s a must.


Secondly, they imply that, if administering medicine is a compulsion, then searching for a cure must also be a compulsion. Finally, they emphasize the dependence on God.


In this modern age of ours, we tend to depend on the medicines and not on the True Curer. It is interesting to look at how few remember God in illness until they realize their illness is terminal and that there is no hope for a cure.


1/2 لماذا الإسلام؟ | حوار هادئ بين منصور وهاشم وزائر






2/2 لماذا الإسلام؟ | حوار هادئ بين منصور وهاشم وزائر




بحث قي كل الاديان وصدم بحجاب المراة في الاسلام واصبح الان من اشهر الدعاة للاسلام في لندن







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Ignorance of Islam and its teachings and values has led a large segment of Westerners to denounce it, and it is unfortunate that the missionaries and their followers from the Orientalists, took advantage of this ignorance, fanning the fire of hatred and grudges towards Islam and Muslims, and the Prophet peace be upon him.






In most cases, the Western person derives his knowledge of Islam from the media, and rarely finds himself carrying the trouble of researching the history and civilization of this religion from its original sources: the Holy Qur’an and the Prophet’s Sunnah, or openness to what was written by Islamic scholars as well as the fair people of the West.


In this context, it is necessary to distinguish between two types of Westerners in their attitude towards Islam:


The first: the common people, and they are victims of the religious ecclesiastical discourse - modern and ancient - supported by the media, politically, and literary... There is no doubt that these people have fallen under the influence of the discourse of intimidation, intimidation and conflict. .



The people of knowledge are politicians, missionaries, and clergymen, so these differ

about those,


The knowledge of the clergy of the People of the Book about Islam is deep - perhaps in many cases surpasses the knowledge of Muslims themselves - but instead of these people fulfilling their duty towards their people, by explaining to them the virtue of Islam and its godliness and the finality and universality of its message, instead of these people doing this duty, they started ignoring their children, And they deepened their feelings of hatred and hatred for everything that is Islamic.



The media's interaction with these issues in an inciting manner crystallizes negative attitudes and hostile behaviors that affect the members of the Muslim community in the West, which narrows opportunities for dialogue and peaceful coexistence, and eliminates the possibilities of intellectual and civilized cross-fertilization.




Today’s contemplator about the state of Western society is aware of many deviations that fall within the social, economic and intellectual freedoms that are recognized there, and every call that criticizes this situation is a restriction on the freedom of individuals. Examples of these deviations include the legalization of prostitution and the freedom of gambling. Drinking alcohol, dealing with usury, and even the situation in some countries has reached the legalization of homosexual practices..... All this is done under the pretext of personal freedom.



It is natural that Islam - as a religion that came to liberate and honor man - cannot bless this deviation. Rather, it considers it an anomaly and a deviation that requires punishment and criminalization for those who commit this, and therefore it is natural for the people of the West to view Islam as a danger that threatens many their personal freedoms, and their immediate and future interests.


Western civilization would not have reached what it is now, had it not been for the policy of looting


that it has practiced and continues to this day.


Islam - As a religion of truth and justice - it does not accept a nation to enslave another and take its free men as slaves. Rather, it calls for defense and standing in the face of colonialists who plundered the goods of nations and peoples.


From this point of view, Islam, with its principles and rulings, stands in the face of this gluttony and decadence, and calls for the liberation of human society (Western) from its reckless animalism, which has destroyed every useful human value, under the pretext of freedom, democracy and human rights... The fear of the Western world against Islam And the campaigns of distortion and slander that follow, stemming from his keenness to maintain these conditions and his desire to continue them,


and his belief that Islam does not accept normalization with these deviations and injustices.



عثمان بن فاروق يجيب عن سؤال: ما الفرق بين الكتاب المقدس والقرآن؟






عثمان بن فاروق يجيب عن سؤال : ما هي الوهابية؟ من هم السنة والشيعة؟




لا تلوم الإسلام بسبب أفعال المسلمين - حوار عباس مع زائر محترم






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Firstly, new discoveries have confirmed that some parts of ancient Greek sciences are not scientifically true while none of the scientific sayings of the Qur’an has been denied by significant and true scientific discoveries. (I mean that scientific sayings of the Qur’an do not contradict the true scientific findings)


Secondly, I want to ask a question that how could it be historically possible that an unlettered man was able to collect ancient Greek science. And how could it be possible for him to reorganize this science and use it in his book?


In actuality, from the beginning of the revelation of the Qur’an such allegations have risen from the people who have rejected the Qur’an. They do not want to affirm the Qur’an as a divine scripture, so they have been seeking human origin for its content. Indeed, what they have developed as arguments are not based on reality rather based on assumption. The history does not confirm any direct or indirect connections between the Prophet (S) and the scholars or scientists of his age.


The Qur’an clearly expresses its contemporary opponent’s statements in this regard. When we compare them with modern scholars’ justifications we see that how they are similar to each other:


وَقَالَ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا إِنْ هَذَا إِلَّا إِفْكٌ افْتَرَاهُ وَأَعَانَهُ عَلَيهِ قَوْمٌ آخَرُونَ فَقَدْ جَاءُوا ظُلْمًا وَزُورًا ـ وَقَالُوا أَسَاطِيرُ الْأَوَّلِينَ اكْتَتَبَهَا فَهِي تُمْلَى عَلَيهِ بُكْرَةً وَأَصِيلًا


And the disbelievers say, “This is naught but a lie that he has fabricated, and another people have helped him in it. They have indeed produced a wrongdoing and a calumny. And they say, “They are fables of those of old which he has had written down, and they are recited to him morning and evening.” (25:5-6)


وَلَقَدْ نَعْلَمُ أَنَّهُمْ يقُولُونَ إِنَّمَا يعَلِّمُهُ بَشَرٌ...


Indeed, We know that they say, “He has merely been taught by a human being.”… (16:103)




الله أكبر!! سيدة إنجليزية تنطق بالشهادة بعد أن اكتشفت أنها مسلمة ولا تعرف







ملحد يسأل شمسي عن الخمر في الجنة Speaker's corner






معتنق يروي قصته! Speaker's corner





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Perhaps you've heard of the American soldier suicide rate.They actually ran campaigns trying to stop it like it was some kind of epidemic.


Sure, a soldier see's alot of atrocities that could explain a desire for death. As it is many soldiers take a daily pharmaceutical cocktail just to function. Perhaps that is part of the problem?


Big pharma does not seek to cure, only in the treatment is there profit. With this in mind many Americans today take medication to deal with depression. Whether western medicine improves things one can only guess as its clear to see today many doctors are corrupt and get kickbacks from Big pharma for every script they write.



Is there anyone in your family who deals with depression?


According to statistics it affects 17 million Americans annually.

Nation wide its a small percentage but still 17 million people is a massive number.


He was an American pathologist and euthanasia proponent. He publicly championed a terminal patient's right to die by physician-assisted suicide. Kevorkian said that he assisted at least 130 patients to that end. He was convicted of murder in 1999 and was often portrayed in the media with the name of "Dr. Death".





Whatever the case may be, many today have lost the desire for life. Young and old, sick and healthy. Rich and poor. More then a few people just want out.


You yourself might be happy go lucky with a real zest for life. The worlds literally your oyster with doors opening everywhere you turn. You're probably asking yourself what is the point of all of this "doom and gloom"?


Did you know the Prophet of Islam (saw) predicted this would happen back in the 7th century?


Abu Huraira reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The Hour will not be established until a man passes by the grave of another man and he says: Would that I were in his place!”

Source: Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 6698, Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim 157


The U.S. provides Israel with over $3.8 billion annually in military assistance, directly implicating the United States in Israeli crimes throughout occupied Palestine





Palestinian civilians are being suppressed with rubber bullets, stun grenades, beatings and attacks by Israeli soldiers


people and children are daying every day and a lot more



If life had no purpose then there would be no need for religion. But God expects certain things of you, this is why he sent books down, to guide you and me.


The Prophet of Islam has never been wrong because he doesn't speak from himself. He has only revealed revelation from the Almighty.



فتاة يهودية تتهرب من الحديث عن قتل الأطفال في الكتاب المقدس






منصور يغير قناعات مسيحي محترم عن ألوهية المسيح






انتو المسلمين تجندون الأقلية لنشر الإسلام Speaker's corner






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Many people want to know Islams prophet (saw) Muhammad. Why don't you ask a Muslim why he will give his life for him. Ask any of the 2 billion upon the planet.


Prophet Muhammad was known by many names such as: Khayru-l-Khalq or “Best of Creation.”




Furthermore, Shaykh Muhammad ibn ‘Uthaymeen, a respected Muslim scholar, said:


The Prophet (peace be upon him) is undoubtedly the beloved of Allah; he loves Allah and Allah loves him. But there is a better description than that, which is Khaleel-Allah (the Close Friend of Allah). The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) was the Close Friend of Allah, as he (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: “Allah has taken me as a close friend (khaleel) just as he took Ibrahim as a close friend.”


{…and We have not sent you except as a mercy to mankind} (21:107)


This mercy is not transmitted to all mankind except through the uncorrupted message and the exalted messenger. Thus this verse, clearly states that the Prophet is to be not only the witness over his own nation, but over all mankind.


Other verses further confirm this position such as (2:143 and 4: 41). He was also gifted with maqaman Mahmudan (a station of praise and glory, i.e. the highest degree in Paradise).


God says: {And We never sent a messenger save with the language of his folk} (14: 4)


He further said: {And We have not sent thee (O Muhammad) except as a giver of glad tidings and a Warner unto all mankind but most of them know not} (34: 28)


The Prophet said:


I have been given five (things) which were not given to anyone else before me. Among these were the right of intercession (on the Day of Resurrection), and that, “every prophet was sent to his nation, but I have been sent to all mankind.” (Al-Bukhari)


Also, the Prophet is reported to have said:


My similitude in comparison with the other Prophets before me is that of a man who has built a house nicely and beautifully, except for a place of one brick in a corner. The people go around about it and wonder at its beauty, but say: ‘Would that this brick be put in its place!’ So I am that brick, and I am the last (end) of the Prophets.” (Al-Bukhari)


{Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but he is the Messenger of Allah and the last (end) of the Prophets …} (33: 40)


We know that from the creation of Adam, God sent many Prophets. In fact Muslims believe their number was about 125,000. Each came with the message of monotheism and specific instructions to his own people. Some came with written instructions and a holy book, and others only carried the message. Over time, all these messages and books were lost, corrupted and so was much of the original pristine messages. The only Divine Book preserved to this day is the Quran, unaltered with a promise by the Creator that it will be preserved forever.


Should we not think that the Preserver of this message would only choose the best of Creation to carry this message with whom ends the succession of prophets as well as the messages?


{…this day have I perfected your religion for you, completed My favor upon you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion …} (5:3)


قسيس من المكسسيك آتى خصيص لمناظرة مسلم فماذا فعل ؟





متحدث جديد يفاجئ الجميع بأسلوبه الهادئ وبلاغته في ركن الخطباء






الشيطان أول عنصري | حمزة في حوار جميل مع زائر اعتنق الإسلام لاحقاً




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Today, we will be talking about a scientific fact, mentioned in the Quran, regarding the male reproductive system. It is important to point out that while the Quran is not a science textbook, many of the latest scientific discoveries that were revealed in Quranic passages 1400 years ago. This is in stark contrast with the Bible, which contains numerous scientific errors (due to corruption by the scribes: (Jer 8:8, Mat 5:20, 23:13). For example, regarding genetics, in Genesis 30:37-42, Jacob changes the characteristics of animal offspring by having their parents look at white stripes while mating.



We will examine the Quranic verse that describes the location of seminal fluid prior to being discharged.

Literal translation of Quran 86:6-7:

{ (Man is) created from gushing water (which) comes out from between the backbone * and the ribs *. }

* from Al Qamoos, Lisan Al Arab, etc

In other words, just prior to gushing or coming out of the body, seminal fluid is located between the backbone and the ribs.


At first glance, a layman might think that SEMEN comes out from the testicles. While the SPERM is produced in the testicles, NEITHER is the sperm NOR is the seminal fluid (essential for natural fertilization) anywhere near them prior to ejaculation. The verse specifically mentions the entire fluid, and not just the sperm “component”. So let’s examine the process of emission, where all the components of semen are joined. Sperm is stored in the epididymis, which is not in the testicles, but above them. The Sperm which comprises 2 to 5% of the seminal fluid, , travels from the epididymis up through the Vas Deferens duct and around the bladder. Together, the seminal vesicle and the prostate gland produce 90% of the fluid in semen. This mixture travels through the prostate and is joined by mucus from the bulbourethral glands, just below the prostate.





It is at this point that semen is fully formed, comprising both the sperm and the seminal fluids. As we can see, just prior to coming out of the body, all components of semen are mixed near the prostate, which is centered in the body, between the backbone and the ribs, or between the spine and the chest, which is between the back and front of the abdomen or torso, and most certainly not in the testicles or in the lower body at all.


Someone might object by saying: the ribs are too high to say “the prostate is between the backbone & the ribs.” To this objection, we answer that: the head is still between the shoulders even though it is too high, & the genitals are still between the legs, even though they are too high.


Now let’s check the verse again.

{ (Man is) created from gushing water (which) comes out from between the backbone * and the ribs *. }

This precise scientific description could not have been known 1400 years ago, and even today most people don’t know it, as we will see next.



We will examine some false claims regarding the scientific accuracy of this verse.


In reference to this verse, answering-islam.org quotes mistake by Dr. William Campbell: “…we are left with the very real problem that the SEMEN IS COMING FROM the back or kidney area and not THE TESTICLES.”




In fact, SEMEN does NOT come from the testicles. (only the SPERM is produced there, which comprises 2-5% of semen). And as we saw earlier, SEMEN IS ACTUALLY FORMED NEAR THE PROSTATE.


Next, let’s also listen to the false claims of the person discussislam: “This description reflects the view of Hippocrates, common in the 5th century…that SEMEN comes from all the fluid of the body & passes through the kidneys on the way to the penis. We now know that it comes from the testicles.” First of all, DISCUSSISLAM also falsely claims semen comes from the testicles “We now know that it comes from the testicles”. It’s astonishing how those attacking Islam make the same layman errors, without checking their facts.


In any case, The Quran does not contain the scientific errors of Hippocrates view

1) That Semen comes from all the fluid in the body.

2) That Semen passes through the kidneys.

As such, contrary to DISCUSSISLAM’s misrepresentation, there is no similarity whatsoever, between this Quranic passage, and the view of Hippocrates.


Furthermore, let’s examine some more of Hippocrates related scientific errors, that are again NOT in the Quran:

1) sperm originate in the brain

2) men & women produce sperm

3) “healthy” sperm is produced by healthy parts of the body

4) stronger sperm results in males, weaker sperm results in females



The Quran clearly mentions the scientific fact, before it was known, about where semen becomes fully formed before “gushing” out. Semen includes the sperm AND seminal fluids, which are BOTH absolutely required for natural fertilization. The Quran accurately states that this fluid (gushing water) is between the backbone and the ribs prior to coming out of the body, as seen from the profile view of the male anatomy.


Those attempting to discredit this Quranic verse, simply demonstrate their own lack of scientific knowledge regarding the male reproductive system. In addition, trying to ascribe the numerous scientific accuracies from the Quran, to philosophers like Hippocrates, who could rarely AVOID scientific errors on any matter, is obviously quite ridiculous.


As we have demonstrated, misrepresenting both the scientific facts, and the views of ancient societies, is not only the strategy but a fundamental requirement for people attempting to refute the Quran’s overwhelming signs.


see here

زائر أراد إثبات وجود خطأ علمي في القرآن فتم إثبات وجود إعجاز علمي به






ملحد يقول انتو المسلمين عباقرة! وثم يخشي أن يقرأ القرآن فيصبح مسلم متأثرا #sfdawahArabic #Sfdawah#




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حمزة يحرج زائر أمام زوجته ويفضح كذبة حرية التعبير عند الغرب






بوذي يتناسى ما يحدث للمسلمين الروهينجا من قبل البوذيين ويسأل منصور: أين الحب والسلام عند المسلمين؟






هاشم ينسف عقيدة مسيحيين | إله لكنه ليس إلهاً





فتاة عمرها 14 انجليزية أسلمت من قبل والحين 17 - قمة جديدة - شمسي #sfdawahArabic #Sfdawah#





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