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4 things marketers want their bosses to know about mobile marketing


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If your brand’s target audience includes those who use mobile devices, (here’s a hint: everyone between the ages of 6 and 95 use mobile devices) then make 2015 your year to really make your website mobile-friendly and compatible. In particular, Millennials are known for their ubiquitous cell phone use and according to AlleyWatch.com, “one out of every five people checks a smartphone every 10 minutes.” That’s a lot of people who will quickly navigate away from your site if it isn’t up to snuff.

Another interesting fact: 29 percent of all people, no matter what their age, have made one or more purchases on their mobile device. That’s a third of the survey-able people in the world. And that number will only increase as more and more people jump on the smartphone/tablet bandwagon.

Improving your site or developing a new app for mobile devices will take a good investment. If your CEO starts giving you a hard time about your budget, let him know these four crucial things about mobile marketing:

1. Terrible apps get terrible reviews. If you can’t develop a great app on your own, don’t settle for a mediocre or poor one. Hire an outside expert who knows what she’s doing to make sure your consumers get the value they deserve. If people see your app as useless, outdated, or difficult to navigate, they’ll rate it badly, tell their friends to stay away from it, and you won’t just be out the measly cash you invested in your cut-rate app.

2. Mobile apps need marketing, too. Though you’ll be launching it as a part of your marketing campaign, don’t forget that a new app deserves its very own campaign. Advertise it in your physical store (if you have one), with banner ads, and on your social media sites.

3. Apps and mobile-friendly websites need updated. Technology advances apace every day, new operating systems and browser versions come out, and everything has to be updated to keep up with the modern tide. Don’t forget that some of your budget has to go towards maintaining your existing sites in addition to creating new ones. Check your own sites frequently for compatibility issues and fix any issues as soon as they’re found.

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