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Grandma Offers A Hundred Grand to Aircon Technician

Guest squeeftapasty

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Guest squeeftapasty

Lolita Solis was dumbfounded when she found her deceased husband's hidden treasure. Ten years ago, on her husband's deathbed, Lolita was told that her husband has this treasure he wanted her to have but before being able to tell her where he kept it exactly, Mr. Solis breathed his last.


Monday morning, Lolita Solis called Adams Heating and Cooling of El Verano, CA for air conditioning repair. The air conditioning unit in her master's bedroom suddenly won't turn on. The shop offers excellent heating and cooling services such as furnace repair, air condition repair and duct cleaning service.


The techinician from Adam's Heating and Cooling came quickly and worked on the air conditioning unit only to find out a medium-sized box inside the unit that contains bank certificates and jewels together with a letter written by Lolita's husband. This was what the husband was refering to in his deathbed.


Lolita Solis was so surprised and overwhelmed with what the technician has found, she became a millionaire in a snap! She was grateful to the aricon technician who was honest enough to tell her of what he has found inside the air conditioning unit. To express her deepest gratitudes, she offered to give him one hundred thousand dollars as reward for fixing the air conditioning unit and for finding her late husband's treasure.


So if anyone out there is looking for honest and ethical techinicians for heating and cooling services, Adams Heating and Cooling of El Verano, CA is offering impeccable services such as air conditioning repair, furnace repair and duct cleaning services.


For more information, please log on to http://www.adamsheatingandcooling.com.

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