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If I could have breakfast in bed...

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If I could have breakfast in bed I would start with fresh squeezed orange juice (with the pulp) and mini fruit danish pastries. Not just any fruit though...I'm talking caramelized mango, smoked blueberry maple, roasted apple sage or grande marnier black cherry. A great cup of coffee...right now I'm diggin' Gevalia brand...no Starbucks! That basura they pass as coffee to all the lost sheep following the fashion herd is so bitter and burnt tasting. No wonder you have to add so much extra crap to it to drink it. I want just coffee, cream and raw sugar. No mocha frufru latte's. Ok...let's get back on track...a bowl of fresh fruit is a must have on the table. Fruits like Lychee, Rambutan, Dragonfruit, Baby Kiwi's (they're the size of a grape), Pink Grapefruit, Brazilian Honey Bananas and so on. Then for the main I would want a play on eggs benedict. Start with a buttered and grilled sourdough 'round' then pile on a roasted garlic spinach and follow with paper thin slices of home cured pastrami and sauteed crawfish from New Orleans. Top that with a creme fraische and some Malosol Beluga caviar and I think we got a winner. Now I just need to find somebody to serve me breakfast in bed. If you could have breakfast in bed what would you like?

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