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Found 4 results

  1. People voted for Hillary Clinton even though they know about the allegations that have come out against her. That is sad. If I was facing such allegations, I would go to prison. But she'll get off scott free. If people hadn't known that Hillary is no good, it wouldn't have been so bad that they voted for her. But they knew and they still voted. It's a sad day when people vote for such a terrible candidate.
  2. I don't trust Hillary Clinton one bit because of the allegations that have come out against her. I dread the future if she becomes President. But I do trust Bernie sanders. I believe that he can be a great President. Many years ago Bernie opposed segregation. That was awesome. Congress passed Sanders' first piece of legislation for the National Program of Cancer Registries. Because of Bernie's efforts, all 50 states now run registries to help cancer researchers gain important insight. Sanders has been re-elected to serve eight terms as a Congressman by the people in Vermont. Bernie Sanders has integrity and that is the kind of President that I want.
  3. Let's get rid of this ludicrous, unconstitutional law in Maryland. http://www.change.org/petitions/maryland-state-house-and-maryland-state-senate-remove-the-ban-preventing-non-religious-individuals-from-holding-public-office-in-the-state-of-maryland
  4. Tired of walking into the voting booth and being limited to choosing the lesser of two evils? Fed up with a dysfunctional political system and a class of professional politicians? Join the Maryland Reform Party, an affiliate of the national Reform Party, and make the change you've been waiting for! http://www.andmagazine.com/content/phoenix/12445.html
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