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Found 1 result

  1. PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THING AND JOIN IN NEXT FRIDAY 5/4 at 5:15PM!! AND THEN JOIN & INVITE EVERY FACEBOOK FRIEND YOU HAVE IN DC TO THE "MAKE RAJA'S DAY" EVENT! http://www.facebook.com/events/130911680365927/ Today, my coworker and I were walking to get coffee, and we passed a man selling flowers on the sidewalk at the corner of 9th and G NW. Raja told us that he sells flowers every Friday on that particular corner. Since we didn’t have any cash on us, we told him that we would come back next Friday and buy some flowers. Raja then picked out a flower for each of us, and told us we were his new friends. We got some coffee cake when we grabbed our coffee, with the intention of giving it to him to thank him for the flowers. When we tried to give it to him, he refused at first, but he finally accepted it. He then gave us another flower each, because he liked us so much. We reassured him we would be coming back a week later to buy flowers from him. As we walked away, we turned around and saw him approaching a homeless man on the corner and giving him the coffeecake. That’s when we decided to scrape up all of our spare change - $15 – and go buy flowers after work. Angela and I decided that we would brighten someone’s day on the Metro by surprising them with a bouquet. When we went to buy flowers, Raja told us that he liked us so much that he wanted to make us a beautiful bouquet, and he did just that. Be sure to check out the photos on the Facebook event "Make Raja's Day." We got on the Metro, and decided that at every stop, we would go car-by-car until we found someone that looked like they needed flowers. We offered them to one lady, who wouldn’t take them, but almost cried when we told her the story of how Raja was so kind, and how we wanted to pass it along. She said it brightened her day that “there are still kind people out there.” At King Street, we finally found Connie. Connie was on her way to work the evening shift as a Metro employee, and when we approached her with the flowers, and asked if she wanted them, she was shocked and overjoyed. She had had a rough couple of days, and she said that those flowers brightened her day, and that they let her know that things were looking up. Connie said she was going to carry her new bouquet around with her all night at work. You’ve probably seen the video about Caine’s Arcade, and how a bunch of total strangers decided to make his day by flooding him with business. What if we did that for Raja? What if a bunch of complete strangers came together and we bought every last flower he had? What if we took those flowers and we gave them to someone we loved, or a stranger who looks like they need their day brightened up? Maybe we could change someone’s life in some way. After work, come to Raja’s stand between 5:15 – 6:30 on the corner of 9th and G NW. My coworker and I will be going at about 5:15 if anyone wants to join us. Bring whatever spare cash you have- there’s no set prices, so you’ll be able to get something no matter what. Invite all of your friends who live and work in DC, and tell them to do the same. I know it's on a Friday night, and we all want to go have fun, but take 30 minutes and start the weekend off right. Let’s make Raja’s day.
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