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Found 1 result

  1. Swami answers devotees' questions 1) Can You please bless me to translate Your books to Indonesian? Shri Guna Darsana asked: Om sai ram. Jay guru datta i have finished translate the books of divine discourse of Swami volume 1 to indonesian. I need blessing of Swami, so i can do more with this translating. I am verry glad if Swami can advice me for propagate it to serve Swami mission. SWAMI, PLEASE BLESS me, thanks you, jau guru datta, omsai ram Swami replied: You are doing very good work, which is liked by God and God is giving blessings to you through this Datta Swami. 2) May I have the golden opportunity to serve You? Shri Sathyamoorthy Renganathan asked: Residential disciple at Ashram. Pranams. May Adiyen know if I shall have a golden opportunity to be with you in Ashram serving you please in a favourable climate like June or July 2019 being a senior citizen living in Tamilnadu ji. By, Sathyamoorthy Renganathan Swami Replied: I am very happy about your proposal. Let us do the service of God, the Creator. Let us not get attracted only to creation without remembering its Creator. The beauty of creation should remind us about the beauty of the Creator. 3) Why should we use only the right hand for doing good things? Smt. Lakshmi Lavanya asked: I am left handed. I am facing many obstacles in using left hand. I want to know logic behind it. While worshiping god, while crossing door, i unknowingly use my left hand and left leg, is it really wrong? By, K Lakshmi Lavanya Swami replied: These points are very simple and negligible before the spiritual knowledge, devotion, and service to God. 4) Could You please heal my father-in-law who is suffering from severe health problems? Shri Sreenivas asked: prayer & healing request dear swamiji, paada praanam, my wife's father mr.sriman narayana aged 69 yrs is suffering from liver cirrhosis due to which has gone weak, lost weight, not fluently speaking, indigestion, swamiji by your healing power touch all the organs & heal him completely. swamiji with your grace & compassion heal him. paada praanam, sreenivas, By, Sreenivas Swami replied: Pray to Lord Subrahmanya. He will help you.
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