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Found 1 result

  1. Mr Clagett would be a bad choice for Maryland Comptroller in my humble opinion. Just look at his management company Clagett Enterprises. You wont have to look far to see allegations of misconduct, mismanagement, and ineptness on the part of his company. HOA's and even Developers are dropping his company's services the first opportunity they get. That's telling if you ask me. If he and his company cannot sucessfully manage small residential communities without having the resident's up in arms complaining after a short period of time, and looking to drop his 'services' do we really think he can manage the State's financial and accounting aspects? then there are the allegations he tried to sabatage and derail waste water treatment funding in his own represented city - There are allegations that Clagett doesnt care about the people, the citizens, but only the money, and who has deeper pockets than land developers? "While Delegate Clagett may not care for the County Commissioners because we are citizen-focused vs. developer-focused, he should be expected to work with us rather than go behind our back and risk millions of dollars and the timing of a very positive and very important county project" - Commissioners President Jan Gardner It is pretty bad when you as a politician, have a reputation as being 'developer-focused', as opposed to 'citizen-focused', and even the developers are kicking you to the curb. Clagett Enterprises makes its mark managing property, Many of these managed communities are Home Owner Associations. Galen Clagett is the company's President. One such community managed by Clagett is Riverside Villages, which is located a few miles south of Hagerstown, Md in Falling Waters, West Virginia. Here most, if not all, the homeowners have alledgedly risen up against what they consider gross mismanagment by Galen Clagett and his company. The Developer summed it up like this: "Clagett kept taking action which I was not aware of and which caused major complaints, like last year when they gave everyone in the single family section notices that they could not park on the street or just last week when they put the rebars in your yards, both of which were ordered without my knowledge. Then I get alot of complaints which I have to get involved again to try to solve- the arrangement clearly was not working. Almost every time I got involved and looked into the the merits of each situation, I ended up siding with the homeowner and against Clagett. I don't know why this experience with Clagett was so unlike our past experience with them. Maybe the company has changed. All I know is that if I have to get involved with the day to day operation of the HOA, then the management company is not doing its job." -Riverside Villages Developer Sam Allen And how does Galen Clagett respond to this asertion that he and his company are not doing their job? "It is very unfortunate that Clagett Management had taken the fall for many things in the community.' -Clagett Enterprises, Galen Clagett Do you really want this guy, a guy who allegedly cannot even sucessfully run an hoa of less than 300 homeowners as your Comptroller? I think we can do better. Maryland can do better than Galen Clagett. Sources: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/maryland-politics/post/barve-considering-2014-bid-for-comptroller/2011/06/17/AGsyVGZH_blog.html http://www.galenclagett.com/media/press_releases/view_item/46 http://www.fredericknewspost.com/sections/news/display_comments.htm?StoryID=96996 http://www.facebook.com/groups/265161523592087
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