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Found 3 results

  1. WHY CAMP AT TOCA? A supportive soccer environment is the best foundation for player development. At Toca, players are evaluated at the beginning of the training camp to assess their training needs, and again regularly to evaluate progress. Toca players forge relationships with teammates and coaches. The Toca style of play and fun environment is a culture we always bring to the field. We believe the game is the best teacher. PROGRAM DETAILS How you will improve?: Toca coaches bring years of experience at the Classic and Travel Level to create a technical, tactical and fitness program specifically designed to maximize training time for each age group. They focus on preparing all soccer players for their next level, be it making a Classic team, moving to Travel Soccer or trying out for their school teams. Players 5-8 years old focus on enjoying the game and understanding the dynamics of soccer. Soccer drills introduce and emphasize football coordination, straight kick, push passing, dribbling and ball control. Toca coaches know that fun is contagious and free play is very important.. Players 9-13 years old continue to practice the skills acquired during their soccer season. Sessions fine tune technical foot skills, first touch, turns, feints, passing, finishing and mastering shooting and dribbling fast. Toca coaches know fostering cooperative play leads to success, better game intelligence and a lot more fun. Players 14-19 years old work hard to improve fitness with drills designed to increase strength, speed and injury prevention through stretching and balance exercises. Higher level soccer specific skills and tactical understanding are emphasized. Toca coaches know teenage players do best in a respectful but challenging environment. The game is always the best teacher. REGISTER TODAY! http://www.tocajuniors.com Questions?! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like more information at info@tocajuniors.com
  2. Metro Sports Leagues is looking for players and teams to fill the Division 1 and Division 2 league spots for the fall 2012 season. Details: Games are on Sundays, anytime between 9am and 5pm, and are held at Wilson High School, St. John's College High, and/or Catholic University. These are really nice turf field with fair metro access. The season consists of 8 games +2 qualifying games, prizes for the champions. If you have a team, please go to our site (www.metrosportsleagues.com) and register your team for the season which begins on September 9th. If you want to join a team as an individual, please email us at info@metrosportsleagues.com. Email us with any questions.
  3. Metro Sports Leagues is now registering coed soccer teams for the summer 2012 season. Here are the list of available leagues for which you can register. (individual registration at bottom) - Coed Tuesday/Thursday 7v7 Grass - Polo Fields near National Mall - Coed Saturday 7v7 Turf - St. Johns College High - Coed 11v11 Recreational Sunday - Various Fields (all metro accessible) - Coed 11v11 Rec/Intermediate Sunday - Various Fields (metro accessible) - Coed 11v11 Upper Intermediate Sunday - Various Fields (metro accessible) - Coed 11v11 Competitive Sunday - Various Fields (metro accessible) All teams will get free matching shirts for this season! Register Today at www.metrosportsleagues.com or email us for individual registration and questions about our leagues metrosportsleagues@gmail.com
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