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Found 1 result

  1. OK fine, after due diligence I realize the absurdity of what Newt Gingrich said in the Jacksonville, FL debate was pandering and not much more, but the man said what he said. Newt Gingrich said by his second term as president, by year 2020, that America would have a moon colony with 13,000 Americans living there and that they could apply for statehood so America would have 51 states. He also mentioned he wanted "manufacturing plants" on the moon. Reread that last paragraph anywhere from zero to one hundred times or however many times it takes to really sink in. I myself I had to rewind the DVR several times because how could his statements have been anything but grandiose rhetoric uttered by a mentally-unstable individual? A moon base? 13,000 people living on the moon?Statehood for The Moon Colony? Manufacturing plant? So by Newt's thinking, allowing Washington, DC to become a state with her 550,000 residents is, and I direct quote him, "crazy," but building the 51st United State in 8 years, on THE MOON is a great idea? Am I the only one who this completely astounds? It's one of the craziest things I've heard, ever, the reasons for which I'll expound on later while the other reasons are glaringly obvious. Anyone reading this agree with me? Per the topic title, I'm not letting this one go, not for a while anyway. I'm not 100 percent "all there," but neither am I completely ... hmm ... gotta keep this clean ... "completely off my rocker."
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