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Found 53 results

  1. Devotees are confused about who is Father , Son and Holy Spirit. Today all their spiritual doubts will be clarified for ever. God comes to this world by entering a deserving devotee existing on this earth called as SON OF GOD to become human incarnation of God. The original God is unimaginable, and invisible. Such God enters an energetic form in the upper world and is called FATHER OF HEAVEN. This Father of heaven enters to a deserving devotee existing on the earth to become SON OF GOD or HUMAN INCARNATION OF GOD. Thus Jesus was such SON OF GOD to whom FATHER OF HEAVEN ENTERED for the mission of divine knowledge propagation in this world. Whoever has seen alive Jesus that time had seen Father of heaven only, this is the only way for human beings here, when any human being meeting present SON OF GOD he had seen the Father of heaven. This was the reason why Jesus told to Philip that when he had seen Jesus he had verily seen Father of heaven only. When the same God enters formless energy it become Holy Spirit. Thus: Unimaginable absolute God = Father of Heaven = Son of God (God-in-Flesh or Human incarnation) = Holy Spirit Let us analyse in detail these divine knowledge. The energetic incarnation in which unimaginable God merged is meant by the word ‘Father’. Son means the human being component selected by Father in which the Father gets merged and such son is called as human incarnation or Son of God. Since the unimaginable God exists in both Father and Son, both are one and the same because anything done by Father and Son must be the same due to the same common unimaginable God. Hence, there is no difference between Father and Son since both are the incarnations of unimaginable God only. Both are like the two hands doing the same work and two legs walking in the same direction. Jesus is the human incarnation like cotton shirt and the divine Father of heaven is the energetic incarnation like silk shirt of the same person called unimaginable God. Jesus says that the Son of God (Himself) will judge the souls and not the Father. The meaning of this statement is that though Father and Son are one and the same, you have to call the mediated unimaginable God by the name of the Son of God only since the Son of God (human incarnation) is relevant to this humanity and not the Father (energetic incarnation), who is relevant to the energetic souls present in the upper world only. When a person staying in the state of Tamilnadu says ‘our chief minister’, he is only referring the chief minister of the state of Tamilanadu only and not the chief minister of Orissa though both are the same chief ministers only. When you are staying in a state, the chief minister of that state is only relevant to you to approach for any grievance and not the chief minister of other state. This statement reveals only the stress of relevance of human incarnation for the humanity. The human being believing the human incarnation is always blessed by the absolute God, who exists in that very human incarnation only and such devotee crosses over from death to life. Here death means the state in which God is forgotten (Ref.: Sanat Sujitiyam of Mahabharata) and life means the state in which God is always remembered. It is crossing over the worldly bonds to reach bond with God. The believer in the human incarnation participates in the propagation of the knowledge of human incarnation and such a divine servant will not be judged in the upper world since his/her file will be kept inactive in cold storage. Other ordinary souls are judged and dispatched to the concerned upper worlds like heaven and hell as per the judicial inquiry of the file of the soul. In a question answer form I am giving the answer 'If Jesus is Almighty God, why did He fear dying and was so stressed that He sweated blood the night before?' Answer Swami replied:- Jesus is a human incarnation of the Father of heaven in whom the unimaginable God is existing in merged state. The human incarnation is a single face resulting by the merge of two components:- 1) The God component and 2) The human being component. When current enters the metallic wire, the properties of wire (like the colour of metal, leanness as wire etc.,) are not at all disturbed. The wire attains the property of current as additional property, which is giving shock when touched.This new property of the current attained by the wire also does not disturb the normal properties of the wire. Jesus, a devoted human being, is selected by God to undergo the suffering of sins of deserving devotees of God. It is the love of God to undergo suffering for the punishments of His beloved devotees standing in climax of devotion. Emmanuel is the word that means God came down to save His people and not to save all the people. The interpretation that God came to save all the people is not correct, but, it is useful to convert everybody into devotee of God through sympathy by saying so as per the Arthavaada (Arthavaada is a lie used to do some good work and such lie is not wrong.). Hence, the soul, called as Jesus, was selected by God for this purpose because of its divine virtues like kindness, patience etc. The soul was also willing to do this work of God and hence, such good soul is selected by God. But, when this good soul is associated with a human body, the soul develops some sort of attachment to the body due to the virtue of friendship. This association became naturally strong in the case of Jesus, in course of a long time of life for more than 30 years. Due to this long association, the soul is superimposed on the body due to excess of love to the body. You can find such superimposition in strong love of a boy and girl since each one feels that he/she is the same as the other partner! This is the nature of human soul even though it is merged with the God, who is non-interfering with the personal qualities of the soul. If you go to the house of your friend and stay for a few days for your personal work in that city, you will mind your work without interfering with discussions between your friend and his wife! Due to this freedom of soul, the association of body imparts tremendous love on the soul to such extent, in which the soul feels that it is the body. By this, the suffering of body is experienced by the soul. The expected suffering of the punishments of the devoted souls by Him was viewed by Jesus as tremendous one. Hence, He suffered a lot to say that He sweated blood. Sweating blood explains the intensity of suffering as a figure speech and need not be taken as reality. The next day suffering is going to be so high that even Jesus prayed to avoid the punishment, if possible. But, He immediately remembered His acceptance already given to God and told God that let the punishment take place since it is the will of God. Even after crucifixion, He cried with thirst based on the human nature and questioned God for leaving Him so. Actually God didn’t leave Him, who is also equally experiencing that suffering being merged with Jesus through the Father of heaven. Due to this homogenous and perfect merge only, we call the human incarnation (God in human form) itself as the ultimate God. In fact, God is appearing through the human form and is the master of the soul as well as the human body. God takes the place of the soul and the soul is degraded to the level (phase) of the body. Hence, the ultimate suffering is experienced by the ultimate God through Father of heaven and Jesus. Even then, the media of unimaginable God (Father of heaven as first energetic body and Jesus as human body) also undergoes suffering in the service of God. Jesus, Father of heaven and the ultimate unimaginable God are three, who underwent the suffering and this is the meaning of the statement of Jesus, who told that He will resurrect the body in three days. This is also the meaning of the word Aatreya in the name Dattaatreya. Aatreya means not three, but, one since al the three merged perfectly to become one. Every human soul tries to become God seeing the status and fame of human incarnation having miraculous powers. If the actual suffering of the human incarnation for the sake of its devotees is realized, people will run away from such monism with fastest speed! Hence, in reality, it is not the fruit of the effort of the soul, but, it is the duty assigned to the servant by God. Once, a devotee came to Shri Satya Sai Baba and asked Him to transfer His state to him. Immediately, Baba agreed and gave His state to the devotee, by keeping His hand on the head of the devotee. Then, the devotee heard thousands of cries asking Baba for help in the difficulties. Even by hearing so many cries, the devotee felt as if his head is breaking into million pieces! The poor devotee doesn’t know the later state in which the devotee becomes God through human incarnation and undergoes the suffering of all those, who cried for help!! Had he known this subsequent fact also, he would have become mad. This is the reason why Paramahamsa said that He would like to be an ant biting the sugar and not to be the sugar itself to be bitten by the devotee-ants! www.universal-spirituality[.]org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  2. SECRET OF LIFE ENJOY MISERY ALSO THE SAME WAY LIKE HAPPINESS WHOLE LIFE & CREATION IS ALTERNATE HAPPINESS & MISERY O Learned and Devoted Servants of God, The human being is reluctant to miseries and enjoys the happy situation. The human being can be compared to an ignorant child, who enjoys the sweets only and is reluctant to chillies. Hence, such a human being is ignorant. The grown up adult enjoys both sweets and chillies in the meals. Similarly, a realized soul enjoys both happy situation and miseries in the life. Therefore, it is only ignorance, which is the inability of art of enjoyment. God created this world with happiness and misery. People enjoy the cinema, which contains both pleasant scenes and tragic scenes. Similarly, people enjoy both sweet dishes and hot dishes in the meals. People enjoy the day and night. People enjoy the hot summer and the cold winter. The whole life and creation is full of alternating happiness and misery. If a person can enjoy both happy times and miseries in the life, he is equal to God. You may say that God enjoys the creation from outside. God also enters the creation in the form of human incarnation and enjoys both pleasant times and miseries in the life span. We see this truth in the life history of Rama and Krishna. Therefore, if you always crave for happiness only and reject miseries, it is unnatural and also ignorance of a child. The knowledge of the Gita preaches that you should enjoy even a top most misery, which is the time of death. If you enjoy both miseries and happy situations, you are in a continuous state of enjoyment. You think that continuous enjoyment comes only through continuous times of happiness in the life. It is not correct. You get bored if you are served only with sweet dishes in the meals. Boring is misery. Therefore, misery is inevitable like summer after winter and winter after summer. The Indians denote happiness through cooling. The foreigners represent happiness through warming, which is heat. Therefore, the happiness to one is misery to the other. What is the reason? The foreigner is mainly exposed to winter, which bores him. Therefore, for a foreigner, the heat is happiness. The Indian is mainly exposed to summer and therefore, cool atmosphere is happiness to him. This is a practical proof that the enjoyment is not confined to happy scene or tragic scene only. This also proves that you can enjoy both happiness and misery. Therefore, it is ignorance to ask God for removal of misery and sanction of continuous happiness. Happiness should lie in the process of enjoyment. Whether it is misery or happiness, you will find real happiness in the process of enjoyment of both. The happiness neither lies in the sweet dish nor in the hot dish. The happiness lies in the process of eating the dish, which may be hot or sweet. If this secret of life is known, you will never pray God for removal of problems and tensions. You will enjoy the problems and tensions and hence, there is nothing to pray God for something. Your prayer to God must be due to your attraction to Him for His excellent personality. Your praise of God must be based on your love for His divine personality. But, today we find most of the people praying God for sanction of continuous sweet dishes. Therefore, the desire for something gets smashed if you know the secret of this concept. Hence, there is no meaning in wishing somebody for a happy new year because continuous happiness bores and leads to misery only. The aspiration for continuous happiness through out the year is based on foolishness and ignorance. On the New Year, you must pray God thinking His divine personality and get attracted for His divine quality. You must at least achieve one of His basic qualities, which is enjoying both happy scenes and tragic scenes in the creation. On the Telugu New Year day, people generally take sweets and sour items mixed as offering of God (Prasadam), which shows the same concept of enjoyment of both happy and tragic movements in the life. This is the divine knowledge in nutshell present in all the divine scriptures of all religions. This is essence of the Gita preached by Lord. He enjoyed continuously in His life and even in the last situation, when He was shot dead by a hunter. This is essence to be learnt and practiced by every human being in this world. By Shri Datta Swami www.universal-spirituality[.]org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
  3. Science discussed a lot about the boundary of space and beyond it. This boundary is unreachable for any human being and hence, is called as infinite. Unreachable need not be infinite. The finite space also can be unreachable since very very long finite space is also unreachable. Since space is creation of God, its boundary must be known to omniscient God and hence, space must be finite and unreachable for humanity. If it is finite, beyond it, something should exist. Science itself asks about the nature of the item present beyond the boundary wall of space. Anything beyond space is unimaginable. The reason is that an item beyond space must not have space in it. It must not have spatial dimensions and hence, must not have volume. Even if you concentrate for millions of years, you cannot imagine a volumeless item. Hence, space is finite having boundary, which is unreachable by us, beyond which some unimaginable item must exist, which is called as unimaginable God by us. If space is infinite, it must not have boundary. Hence, science calls space as infinite without boundary and therefore, there is nothing beyond its non-existent boundary. Hence, there is no reference of God in science. But, we prove the existence of unimaginable God, who is the source of unimaginable miracles seen in the world. Beyond the boundary of imaginable space (hence, we say that space is finite having boundary), proper place must be given to an unimaginable item that is proved by miracles. Science, unable to give the reason behind miracles, neither accepts these miracles (due to the inability of explanation) nor rejects miracles since these miracles are seen in the world. Hence, science is silent about God and miracles. This is sincere right path of research. Atheists are not scientific since they abandon miracles saying that miracles are simply magic. In case of genuine miracle, they say that science will explain these miracles tomorrow and that tomorrow never comes! Science never says so!] [Science says that space is expanding constantly. But, Einstein feels that space is totally non-existent. There is no meaning of expansion of non-existent item. If you treat space as infinite and say that the universe consisting of energy and matter is expanding, such expansion must result in the decrease of its density and disintegration of items in the universe, which are not experienced by us. You can say that fresh energy is created, which is converting into matter (and awareness also if you feel that awareness exists apart from the earth), then, the expansion of the universe is possible. In such case, there is no harm in saying that space is also a form of subtle energy and constant creation of energy means constant creation of space or subtle energy and subsequent constant creation of matter (and awareness). This means that the universe or space is constantly being created. This constant expansion (by creation) of the space or universe is needed to prove that the space is expanding so that no human being can reach the boundary of space and see the unimaginable item existing beyond it. This means that unreachable nature of space is not inherent characteristic of the space itself, but, is relative due to the impossibility of human being to touch the unimaginable God existing beyond it. You may doubt that the humanity is not travelling with such high velocity so that the present existing finite space has to expand further to make the human being unable to touch the unimaginable God. It is true if the reference is humanity only. In this creation, apart from humanity on the earth, there are upper energetic worlds in which energetic beings called as angels exist. Even if these energetic beings (angels) travel with very high terrible velocity, they are also unable to touch the boundary of space so that they cannot touch the unimaginable God. For such requirement, the space has to expand with more speed so that all the boundaries extend further by which even the angels do not touch the boundary of space. The Veda says that even angels could not obtain the unimaginable God (Nainat devaa aapnuvan…). Hence, the expansion of universe is with reference to the angels and not with reference to the humanity. Thus, the constant expansion of the universe proposed by science is correlated with the Vedic statement.] ] [Unimaginable God is undetectable by our human brains. ‘Undetectable’ does not mean that it does not exist. The simultaneous position and momentum of electron are undetectable by the most sophisticated electron microscope. When this instrument is used, the focussed beam attacks the electron and its position is disturbed. Hence, this microscope is unable to detect the exact position of the electron and hence, is unable to calculate the simultaneous momentum of the electron in its original position. This does not mean that the exact position and simultaneous momentum of electron do not co-exist. They exist, but, are undetectable to the instrument since the equipment used is crude before the sensitivity of the values of electron. This is propounded by Heisenberg as Uncertainty Principle in Science. Similarly, the sensitivity of the status of unimaginable God is very sharp compared to the crudeness of the imagination done by our intelligence-equipment. God, being the generator of space, does not have space in Him. The product can’t exist in its cause before its generation and if it exists, it is said to be existent even before its generation, which is impossible. God, having no space or spatial dimensions in Him, has no length, width and height. He is beyond space, having no volume. Any item beyond space can never be imagined by anybody even on concentrating for millions of years! Therefore, God exists, even though unimaginable for our intelligence.] [You should not argue that the existence of unimaginable God should be verified through natural explanations and not by unnatural or unscientific explanations. Nature means creation. Every item in the creation has spatial dimensions and hence, is not beyond space. It is having spatial dimensions and is imaginable. Your objection is that God is to be explained through natural concepts. We can explain the existence of unimaginable God even though we can’t explain the nature of God.The Veda also says that only the existence of God can be proved and not His nature (Asteetyeva…, Atarkyah…). We never say that we will explain the nature of God. We openly say that God is unimaginable, which means that the nature of God is beyond imagination. But, we can explain and prove the existence of God through natural concepts. If we examine a genuine miracle, it involves natural items and natural concepts only. Whenever the recent human incarnation Shri Satya Sai Baba created sacred ash or some material, His hand creating that is visible and natural. The rotation of His hand in circular way is also visible and natural. The produced item from space is also visible and natural. Only the mechanism or power of production of an item from space is unimaginable. All these visible natural items and natural processes indicate the final result that an item from the space is produced in unimaginable way. Hence, the unimaginable mechanism or power exists. We say that this unimaginable power or mechanism itself is unimaginable God because there can’t exist two unimaginable items. Any number of unimaginable items result only as one unimaginable item. Hence, we can’t say that there exists unimaginable God and separately unimaginable power. Hence, this unimaginable power itself is unimaginable God. We use the terminology like unimaginable God and unimaginable power for the sake of explaining to the human brains, which are based on the worldly logic. In the world, we find the source of power like Sun and his power like Sunlight as two different items. Based on this worldly logic only we use the terms unimaginable God and unimaginable power separately for a better clarification to the human brains. Therefore, once the existence of unimaginable power is proved, the existence of unimaginable God is proved by itself. Hence, the existence of unimaginable God is testable, which is the basic requirement of science for the proof of any concept. Hence, the existence of unimaginable God is to be accepted through the authority of perception and its deductive knowledge, which alone is believed by science as single authority. There is no need of inference and its inductive knowledge in the explanation of the genuine miracle. The testability can be implemented by the scientist in seeing that such generation of an item from the space is not through the magic. In this point, it is open. The generation of divine ash and special scented nectar from the photos of Baba and other forms of God were also clearly visible and proved beyond any doubt, which can’t be misinterpreted as magic. A magician may generate a hidden item from the hand through magic. But, sacred ash and nectar can’t be generated by his photos which are existing far from him! Hence, the testability of genuine miracle is proved beyond any doubt, which clearly establishes the existence of unimaginable God. This point is very very subtle (God existing at the boundary of universe) and any hasty proceeding will spoil the actual subtle concept. You have to examine this point very carefully and with lot of patience so that you will never miss the actual subtle point. This universe is imaginable and hence, its boundary must be also imaginable. When you are travelling in a ship in the sea, if the water of the sea is visible (imaginable world), the boundary of the sea, which is also water must be visible only. The boundary of the sea does not mean mere edge of the sea water only, but also, refers the adjacent boundary of the (unimaginable God) earth also. As per the rule, if you have reached the boundary of the sea, you must reach the boundary of earth also. This means that if you have reached the boundary of this imaginable space or world, you must have reached the boundary of unimaginable God also. But, actually, you can never reach the boundary of unimaginable God since God is beyond space being the generator of space (if space or spatial dimensions existed in God, it means space existed even before its generation in God and this is impossible contradiction). If you are not able to reach the boundary of unimaginable God, naturally, it means that you must be unable to reach even the visible (imaginable) boundary of visible-imaginable world also. This results in the inevitable impossibility to reach the imaginable boundary of the imaginable world. As you are running in the space to touch the imaginable boundary of imaginable world, it is also expanding before you reach it so that you can neither touch the imaginable boundary of the world nor touch the unimaginable boundary of God. This results in the constant expansion of world or space. The world or space may also be already so huge (in which case the expansion of universe is not necessary) that even the angels or energetic beings having the fastest speed of energy can’t reach the boundary of world. The Veda says that even angels can’t touch the unimaginable God, which means that they can’t touch the imaginable and visible boundary of the imaginable world also (Nainat devaa aapnuvan puurvamarshat). The core and boundary of the imaginable world and the boundary and core of unimaginable God (assuming that both boundary and core of God exist) are known to the unimaginable God Himself and this means clearly that the infinite world or space doesn’t mean that it is not having the boundary in reality. Infinite means not only the boundary-less item, but also, an item having the boundary unknowable and unknown to us. One should believe in the existence of the unimaginable God based on the authority of direct perception since unimaginable miracles are directly seen in this world. This world is imaginable to us. But the boundary of this world is permanently unreachable to us. We can neither reach it physically nor can we reach it mentally through our intelligence or imagination. So, the boundary of this imaginable world is unimaginable. The world can be said to be infinite in this fundamental unimaginable sense. On the other hand, if we think that the boundary of the world is located at an infinite distance, it is the conventional (commonly-understood) concept of infinity. As per this conventional understanding of infinity, when we say that the boundary is located at an infinite distance, we mean that the boundary is farther than any large distance that one can think of. This means that the distance is an extremely large number. But it is still a number, which is basically imaginable. It is not something that is fundamentally unimaginable by the human mind. It implies that the domain that exists beyond the boundary of this imaginable world is still imaginable. Then one would immediately ask, where the boundary of that imaginable domain would be, and so on…endlessly. So, the conventional understanding of the infinity of the universe leads to the logical error of infinite regress (anavasthā doṣa). The correct understanding of the infinity of the world is that an unimaginable domain exists beyond the boundary of the world. The essence of the entire imaginable world is space. So, the boundary of the world is the boundary of space. Only an unimaginable domain can exist beyond the boundary of space since any domain beyond space cannot even be imagined! All this is logical spiritual science. The unimaginable God is beyond space. Space has three dimensions called length, breadth, and height. Time also is an associated coordinate of space since, without space, time cannot exist. When we take the state of unimaginable God, He is beyond space and time, due to which He is unimaginable. Since He is beyond time, you should not ask Me about the time in which He existed alone without creation. His state, which is beyond the four-dimensional space-time, exists even now and it will exist even in the future. His state continues forever even after the creation of this world and even though He enters the world in the form of Incarnations. It is a wonder how God remains unchanged in spite of incarnating in multiple forms, and it is possible due to His inherent unimaginable nature. This is described in the Gita as “Avibhaktam vibhakteṣu” First, God created space, which is subtle inert energy. Space and the subtle energy are one and the same since the Veda says in one place that God created space (Ātmana ākāśaḥ...), and in another place, it also says that God created energy (Tat tejo’sṛjata...). Regarding the creation of the other elements and items of creation, a chain of cause and effect is described. It is told that from space arose air, and from air arose fire and so on. God is said to be the direct cause only for space and energy. Since both space and energy are separately said to be the first creations, which were directly created by God, they must be one and the same. It means that space, even though it appears to be ‘nothing’ is actually ‘something’. It is subtle energy. The visible gross energy is derived from the invisible subtle energy by the reduction in its frequency. We know that visible light is electromagnetic radiation. Electromagnetic radiation of higher frequencies such as ultraviolet light, x-rays and gamma rays, is invisible to us but it is detected by scientific instruments. The subtle energy has even higher frequencies than x-rays or gamma rays and it is not only invisible to us but it is also undetected by scientific instruments. However, it is not nothing, since it is basically energy. Just because something is invisible to your eyes or to scientific instruments, it does not mean it is ‘nothing’ or non-existent. It can exist even though it is invisible. Ancient Indian logic speaks about the quantization of space. They described ākāśa paramāṇus, which can roughly be translated as ‘atoms of space’. It clearly indicates that the ancient Indian philosophers knew that space, being one of the five elements, is something. Science also speaks about the bending of space, which suggests that space is something. It is possible that all of creation disappears yet space alone remains. Space has its own independent existence. Space need not disappear along with matter as some scientists think. God wanted to create this world and He created space or subtle energy as the first item. Without space, creation cannot exist even though space can exist without creation. God wanted to express Himself to the souls, which were to be created in the future. So, He created a divine energetic body containing a divine energetic soul. Both the energetic soul and body together are called as the energetic being. The unimaginable God merged with this first energetic being permanently to become the First Energetic Incarnation called Datta. Datta means ‘given’ or ‘expressed’ for the sake of souls. Datta is known by many names including Hiraṇyagarbha, Nārāyaṇa, Sadāśiva, Īśvara, Yahwah, Allah and Father of heaven. The first Energetic Incarnation occupies a certain amount of space from the point of view of its body and soul. The soul too is a form of energy and it requires space for its existence. Thus, the first Energetic Incarnation needs some amount of subtle energy for the creation of its body and soul. A part of the subtle energy, which is the first item created by God, is used for this purpose. Even in the final dissolution, this space occupied by the first Energetic Incarnation does not disappear because this First Incarnation is eternal. This holy space is called the ultimate space or parama vyoma. It is called ultimate or parama since it will not disappear even if the entire creation disappears. Actually, in the final dissolution, the world only goes from its gross state into a subtle or hidden state called avyaktam. A movie is projected on the screen in a movie theater during the show. This is like the gross state of creation. When the show is over, the movie is no longer projected on the screen, but it remains in a subtle form in the film reel. This is like the subtle state of creation during dissolution. Not only does the first Energetic Incarnation called Hiraṇyagarbha or Brahmā remain during the dissolution, but His abode called Brahma Loka also does not disappear. In other words, space never disappears. It is space which contains Brahma Loka and the rest of creation in a subtle state. It is this ultimate space that is mentioned in the Veda through the words “Parame vyoman...”. Brahma Loka also exists in its gross state after final dissolution and can be called as parama vyoma. The space occupied by the creation in subtle state, after final dissolution, is called as vyoma or space. WWW.universal-spirituality[.]org Universal Spirituality for World Peace
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