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In The Nation's Capitol you have Lobbyists from all around the world; you have many of the major Corporations Offices here "D.C.".


What I tried to show here in D.C. was the flavor of the international issues that those who work in dc face on a daily basis.


The glimmer, the lime light, the lure of power is PART of what Washington dc is.


What is at times over looked are the residents needs in Washington dc "mostly because what I stated above".


When you "dc residents" come together in a constructive way, you really can make your community better.



In my community I take an active interest to make sure that it remains an attractive, safe place to live.


Let me give you an example; where I live at times I see shopping carts in my neighborhood, so I call up the store, and ask them to pick up their shopping carts.


Lately the stores that own the shopping carts haven't been coming by to pick up the carts, so I will take them back myself "just because I don't want my community looking like ahem".


Remember people I am wheelchair bound, pushing a shopping cart back 3 miles back is no walk in the park for me, plus were I live it's almost all hills, but every little bit helps.


You get my drift?

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