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Solar-Powered Parking Meters

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Lisa Duperier, President AdamsMorgan MainStreet Group sent me this.




What are those strange metal boxes that have sprouted on 18th St?


These are the new, solar-powered, multispace parking meters that will take both coins and credit cards, and

generate a receipt.


DDOT (District Department of Transportation) is expanding their “Multi Space Meter” pilot project area to Adams Morgan. Each of these state-of-the-art parking meters manages parking spaces and loading zones

within a one-block area.


The goal is to save sidewalk space and have greater efficiency, utility, and fewer repairs. One Multi-Space

Meter will control approximately 10 to 12 parking spaces. One result of the use of these meters is

more efficient use of available parking area. As described by DDOT, since each space is not the same by being “measured” between specific meters, and cars may utilize only the amount of space necessary for vehicle size, there will be less wasted space as each driver maximizes space.


DDOT estimates that a potential 15% increase in available parking might be achieved. According to DDOT Acting Director Michelle Pourciau, “These innovative, cutting-edge technology meters are part of the Department’s overall plan to provide better service at less cost to the taxpayers, while increasing parking

availability and sidewalk space.” The new meters will dispense coupons or tickets that are to be placed on the dashboard of the parked car, and visible through the windshield. The tickets will show the expiration time. “The goal is “to free up space because the sidewalks are so crowded," explains DDOT’s Director of Communications, Karyn LeBlanc. During Adams Morgan Main Street’s two day Transportation Charette and in DDOT’s 18th St Transportation Study, more sidewalk space and more parking were the top issues.


DDOT plans to have the Adams Morgan smart meters operational today, August 28 and the old meters removed within 48 hours of the “operational turn on.” The current work schedule calls for removal of the old meters the previous weekend on August 26 and 27th.

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