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Action needed to protect DC child care!

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UPDATE: Zoning Commission and early care and education programs in neighborhoods


On July 10, the Zoning Commission accepted the Office of Planning recommendation to restrict the location of child care programs and small schools in residential neighborhoods. This is bad for numerous reasons:

1. The Zoning Commission and Office of Planning have made education policy, usurping the responsibility and authority of the mayor, council and education board. Further, this action contradicts the Administration’s public statements on the importance of early childhood education and neighborhood-based education programs.


2. This amendment undermines the very core of child care policy in the District with no opportunity for the public to comment.


3. The process was closed, ill-informed and not responsive to interested parties.


There is still a chance that the bad decisions can be undone, so please contact the city’s key leaders (listed below) and share the problems outlined above:

Linda Cropp, Chair (At-Large): lcropp@dccouncil.us, 724-8032 phone, 724-8085 fax

David Catania (At-Large): dcatania@dc.gov, 724-7772 phone, 724-8087 fax

Phil Mendelson (At-Large): pmendelson@dccouncil.us, 724-8064 phone, 724-8099 fax

Kwame Brown (At-Large): kbrown@dccouncil.us, 724-8174 phone, 724-8156 fax

Carol Schwartz (At-Large): carol.schwartz@dc.gov, 724-8105 phone, 724-8071 fax

Jim Graham (Ward 1): jgraham@dccouncil.us, 724-8181 phone, 724-8109 fax

Jack Evans (Ward 2): jackevans@dccouncil.us, 724-8058 phone, 724-8023 fax

Kathy Patterson (Ward 3): kpatterson@dccouncil.us, 724-8062 phone, 724-8118 fax

Adrian Fenty (Ward 4): afenty@dccouncil.us, 724-8052 phone, 724-8120 fax

Vincent Orange (Ward 5): vorange@dccouncil.us, 724-8028 phone, 724-8076 fax

Sharon Ambrose (Ward 6): sambrose@dccouncil.us, 724-8072 phone, 724-8054 fax

Vince Gray (Ward 7): vgray@dccouncil.us, 724-8068 phone, 724-8097 fax

Marion Barry (Ward 8): mbarry@dccouncil.us, 724-8045 phone, 724-8055 fax


Robert Bobb (City Administrator): robert.bobb@dc.gov, 727-6053


More information on this issue is available on-line at http://www.dckids.org/advocacy/whatsNew.php. The first two links on the page relate to this issue.

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