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Cover-up?...DC Govt Loses THOUSANDS of Patients' Records

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I've contacted a few authorities in DC, including the Washington Post, to learn if anything can be done to hold the DC Government accountable for losing my medical files and NO one has had the guts to respond. My files dated back to 2000 and yet when I needed them most, my attorney and I learned from some guy hired to locate them that they are hopelessly lost. Literally THOUSANDS of patients' files were "relocated" during the DC General Hospital closing and reorganization, but NO ONE knows where they were placed. Sure. Makes a heck of a lot of sense to me. I now have no recorded medical history for nearly two years as if I were summarily erased, and wonder how many others will learn the same, if not worse.


This negligence, which I view as criminal, has resulted in an unfavorable decision from Social Security on my disability claim.


What's going on in DC? Business as usual? The usual cover-up to conceal gross incompetence and only God knows what else? No one there to take on the big boys in DC while the little people continue to fall prey to their mega screw-ups?

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Can you post the people's names and numbers that you have contacted. Thanks.



I contacted the offices of, first, Anthony L. Young, the person hired to locate the missing files. Apparently, an entire department or office was formed to do this and, when I first contacted him about my files in September '05, he was most helpful and assured me they would continue searching for my files. After supposedly searching for my files, he informed my attorney that the search proved unsuccessful, saying they were "temporarily misplaced" and "While the DCCSA has been able to establish that she did receive services during that time period, the agency will continue to search for [her] paper record as time permits." That never happened.


The last numbers I was given for him are: 202-673-2200/7400. Knowing the urgency, I contacted him in March of this year before the final decision came in from the judge but he has refused to respond. In a memorandum to Judge Ball dated November 2, 2005, his title was as follows: Director of Quality Improvement and Program Evaluation, District of Columbia Department of Health, Community Services Agency.


I also contacted the offices of Eleanor Holmes Norton. No response. And again, not even the Washington Post wants to address this issue because I have received no indication of interest from their offices.



Thank you.

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