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As the District of Columbia draws closer to the September 12, 2006, primary vote, the voters are bracing themselves for a tsunami of campaigning of the likes not seen in years.


In Ward 3 which is my stomping grounds, the voters are soon to get hit with campaigning and campaign literature by over 25 different candidates running for mayor, council chair, council at large, ward 3 and ANC commissioners.


Many believe that saving yourself as a political candidate for the last sixty (60) days to get the word out is the smart thing to do but more and more political analysts think not, but believe that if you wait until the last sixty (60) days to unload, your message will get drowned out, ignored and have little or no impact as you will be competing with so many other candidates that the sheer number of people seeking to get elected will have the voters running from all candidates like the poor souls running from the bulls at Pamplona in the San Fermin Festival of Pamplona, Spain but in our case, it will be a mad dash by DC voters to get away from the bull throwers.


So what is the trend in American politics? Some brave souls have dared to announce their candidacy like I did months before it is normal to do and many political analysts think this approach has tremendous benefits and they are: 1. Such a candidate will get to have her/his name before voters undividedly; 2. Voters are more likely to study what a candidate has to say when the candidate is not facing any immediate competition and voters are actually feeling more relaxed and not overwhelmed as they are the last sixty (60) days before the big vote; and 3. Once a candidate has imprinted her/his name on voters it is harder for others to come along and erase its affect s short of some famous person like Clint Eastwood jumping into your race.


Candidates like Bolden, Fenty and I entered our races using the newer approach in campaign tactics in order to imprint our names in the minds of voters, to get that undivided attention and our message across and to avoid the inevitable Bull Run we see June through September every election cycle.


Get ready people as the political dam is about to burst!

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