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Impact Worldwide (Impact ww) interviews DJ Toomp: Grammy nominated DJ

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Impact Worldwide (Impact ww) interviews DJ Toomp: Grammy nominated DJ

Words by: Constantine Panagiotatos


DJ Toomp has been putting heads to bed with solid production since the age of 19. He’s worked with talent such as Lil’ Jon, Young Jeezy, Ludacris and the Goodie Mob, and it’s only the beginning for this ATL native. Along with business partner and long time friend, Bernard Parks Jr., Toomp – and his company ENDzone Entertainment -- is in the midst of a Dirty Douth takeover of the hip hop industry.


Recently, Impact Worldwide caught up with Toomp at the Atlantic Records offices in midtown Manhattan. Atlanta’s own deep fried track master blessed us with some insight into his trials and tribulations in the game along with some exclusive wisdom on ENDzone’s business goals.


Impact Worldwide (Impact ww): What’s been your craziest experience dealing with big record companies and trying to promote your music on a massive scale?

Toomp: Well, things is politics, man. When I was coming up in the game like fifteen years ago, I was going around with a beat machine and hooking people up. I was young so I was just giving away fire to anyone who was interested and not really concerned with the contracts or business side. I’d get twelve Gs cash in my pocket at 19 years old and I was hood rich. People are crazy man and it’s all power in this game. These big record companies, it’s a lot of talking and sometimes not even about how talented you are.


Impact Worldwide (Impact ww): It surprises me there’s a lot of talking because getting nominated for a Grammy should speak for itself.

Toomp: I know that’s why I’m at ease with my work and the people around me now. I know that me and my partner Bernard [Parks, Jr.] are going to make our impact because in a lot of regards we already have. I mean I put out solid tracks with T.I., Ludacris, and so many others it’s not even a factor. I can still put out Gold or Platinum whether or not I have to sell it out my trunk like I have the past 10 years. I mean you see how it is, we have to get on a plane and fly up to New York from Atlanta to speak with big time labels. It’s still a hustle for us even after I’ve established myself.


Impact Worldwide (Impact ww): You don’t like coming up to New York?

Toomp: It’s not that man, but one day I want to be able to drive down Peach Tree Avenue and be able to take an elevator up to meet with a powerful label right at home in Atlanta. That’s what were trying to do now is establish something stable in the South because there’s so much talent here but not enough power in the area industry-wise.


Impact Worldwide (Impact ww): Is that one of your goals: to establish a solid major label in the South?

Toomp: I want something down in Atlanta that’s big and is going to keep the talent we have here on labels that we have here.


Impact Worldwide (Impact ww): There is a lot of talent out of the South right now. How do you decide who to work with?


Toomp: Well, it’s like I hear peoples’ sounds and I say that’s theirs. So if I want to work with someone, I say let me make a beat that compliments their sound. In other words, I’m not going to be one dimensional and make the same sounding beats for everyone. Every artist has their angle and their voice so when I produce for them it’s going to mirror their uniqueness. So many producers just stay one tracked and end up making beats for someone who can’t fit the bill or vice versa.


Impact Worldwide (Impact ww): Do you want to form your own label?

Toomp: I mean we already have this new venture ENDzone Entertainment that I’m working with Bernard Parks on. And we’re up here talking to the big dudes to see what’s what. But regardless ENDzone is gonna do that for us. I’m gonna protect my artists from down here so they don’t get done wrong from labels and they know their rights. ENDzone is something that’s going to build from the ground up and keep our talent right here in the South, not scattered all over. I mean you see how it is, all this talent from down South ends up on a label in New York so our industry doesn’t thrive as much.


Impact Worldwide (Impact ww): Has anyone from New York approached you about working on a collaboration?

Toomp: Yeah, you know Cam’ Ron called me up and said he wanted to meet up and do something. He knows I’m in town.


Impact Worldwide (Impact ww): New York has a totally different sound than down South obviously. Can you still accommodate an artist like that?

Toomp: Oh fo’ sho. I mean like I said I listen to their sound and make a track that’s going to roll with them. I’m going to bring out their voice like I already have with so many different people. The dudes I’ve worked with all have their own style and I make butter for them. It’s all good. I don’t try to mold no one.


Impact Worldwide (Impact ww): Impact 210 does a lot with fashion. What role does that play in the current hip hop situation?

Toomp: Fashion is very important in hip hop right now also. You’re selling music and a look so you know it’s heavy. I mean back in the day dudes from your way like Slick Rick, I mean he looked slick. Eric B and Rakim was rockin’ them gold ropes. They was hustlas. Down here there’s a lot of dudes in grimy t-shirts and jeans. We gotta get on that fashion tip too. ENDzone stays on that fashion though. You see how we look. We James Bondin’ this over here, fo’ sho.


For more information about Impact Worldwide visit www.impactww.com or www.impact210themagazine.com

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