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DJ Jay Faire Spins By Impact 210 (Impact Worldwide)

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DJ Jay Faire Spins By Impact 210 (Impact Worldwide)


There are three DJs in the game that have made an impact on the South: DJ Drama, DJ Smalls and Jay Faire, who hails from New York. Faire was the first person to break Game. Saigon. Young Jeezy. The first person on the East Coast to play a Guerilla Black record before anybody even heard of him or knew he sounded like Biggie. He’s been on tour with Cash Money, Ludacris, Nelly and Ja Rule, has scored two Justo’s Mixtape Awards and currently has shows on AOL Radio and Music Choice radio.

Impact210: How did you get into the game?

Jay Faire: Well, basically, it just happened overnight. It was when I started doing blends. That’s when people started to notice of my talent.



Impact210: What makes you stand out as a DJ?

Jay Faire: I’m hot. I can basically do every type of music. A lot of people follow what Jay Faire does trend wise. I was the first person to break Game. I did a whole mixtape CD on Game before anybody knew who he was. Saigon. Young Jeezy. I was the first person on the East Coast to play a Guerilla Black record before anybody even heard of him or knew he sounded like Biggie. In terms of Dirty South music, there are three DJs in the game that have made an impact on the South: DJ Drama, DJ Smalls and the third is me from NY. You can go to clubs in Atlanta and have Jay Faire CDs in the bathroom. I’ve been on tour with Cash Money, Ludacris, Nelly, Ja Rule. I did the Baller Blockin’ Tour in 2001.

Impact210: What are your top markets?

Jay Faire: My markets break down… I do a series of Dirty South CDs. My market reaches anywhere from Vermont to the tip of Florida all the way across to Cali. Depending on what I do, the South is my heaviest consumer. Virginia, NC, Atlanta, FL, Tennessee, Alabama, New Orleans, Texas, Hawaii… I’m real big in the South right now. Overseas, Japan. Puerto Rico, Barbados, Jamaica. I’m reaching a lot of different people in a lot of different areas. It’s a blessing from starting out in one store to now basically being world wide through the Internet, being on AOL Radio, Music Choice, being on BET more than 10 times. One of my proudest moments was winning a mixtape award from the Justo’s Awards. I was nominated three times before and always came in second place. I won in 2003 for Blends and 2004 for R&B.

Impact210: Are you a fulltime DJ? Is that how you pay your bills?

Jay Faire: I use mixtapes as an avenue. Now people hear your mixes and want you to come to that city and perform. So that’s where your skills really have to be. Because anybody can put a CD together, just lay songs together, but what shows and proves as a DJ is what you can do in that club. That leads to other opportunities, like radio. I just got a new radio show in London. So your skills have to be sharp.

Impact210: What do you look for in a hot song?

Jay Faire: I look for a good song, creativity in that song. An artist who seems like they’re hungry and dedicated. It’s not necessarily where that artist is from, but a good song and the hunger. Something that you can hear immediately.

Impact210: How do you approach spinning at a show?

Jay Faire: You should do your research on the market so you get an idea of what the people like. At the same time, I know a lot of top DJs have their records set up. No matter what market you go into you’re going to hear those same records. Personally, I don’t think that’s the best way to go. The best way to play is to be spontaneous and play to the crowd. I go in the club with an idea of what the people would want to hear, what I would want to hear if I was in the club, and I feed off the energy of the people.

Impact210: How do feel about the industry?

Jay Faire: Music, because hip hop has grown, back in the day it was basically a few states that put out hip hop. NY, Jersey and Philly. So you knew what was happening because it was smaller, but now since it’s so big, worldwide, so many more artists. Because of that it’s oversaturated and there’s a lack of creativity. And people are just following what’s hot, or what got on the radio so they can get on the radio. That’s why you see so many groups have one song and then they’re done. From an industry standpoint, the way the industry has changed, they don’t care if your album does well or you have longevity. They’re looking for one hit and then move on. In a way, I’m kind of disappointed with it but in a way, I’m happy with how it grew. We would have never expected hip hop to get to this level.

Impact210: What advice do you give aspiring DJs?

Jay Faire: Before you get into DJing, know what you’re in it for. If you don’t have a direction to where you’re going, you’re just going to be spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere. Everything that glitters is not Gold or Platinum. Think about that. You see people with chains on and money. It’s not like that. It’s a lot of hard work. Whatever you put in it is what you get out of it.

Impact210: What else you got going on?

Jay Faire: I also produce. I’m songwriting. A lot of artists have been contacting me about tracks. I’m trying to film a pilot for a TV show I’ve created. I see myself going into TV and films, scoring and acting.


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