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Guest lily wu

we offer:nextel I700 LCD complete nextel I530 LCD complete nextel I530 LCD with flip nextel I730 LCD complete nextel I733 LCD complete nextel I730 LCD with flip nextel I830 LCD with flip nextel I830 big LCD nextel I830 small LCD nextel I860 small LCD nextel I1000 LCD with flip sonyericsson t230 LCD with flex sonyericsson t610 LCD sonyericsson t200 LCD with frame sonyericsson p800 LCD sonyericsson k700 LCD sonyericsson k500 LCD ericsson t65 LCD with frame ericsson t68 LCD with frame ericsson a2618 LCD only ericsson t66 LCD only ericsson t39 LCD with flex sonyericsson t630 LCD sonyericsson z600 big LCD ericsson 768/788 LCD only ericsson r310 LCD only ericsson r320 LCD with frame ericsson t10/t18 LCD only ericsson t20 LCD only ericsson t28 LCD only ericsson 688 LCD only ericsson t28 LCD with frame/speaker ericsson t29 LCD with frame/speaker ericsson 388 LCD only ericsson 318 LCD only ericsson a1018 LCD with board ericsson 337 LCD with PC board nokia 2270 LCD with board nokia 2100 LCD with board nokia 2300 LCD with board nokia 1100 LCD with board nokia 6600 LCD nokia 7610 LCD with frame nokia 8850 LCD with frame nokia 7250/7210/6610 /6100 /3100 LCD nokia 6210 LCD with frame nokia 5110 LCD with frame nokia 6210 LCD board nokia 6310 LCD with board nokia 7650 LCD with frame nokia 3510i LCD with board nokia 8250 LCD with board nokia 6510 LCD with board nokia 8310 LCD with board nokia 5210 LCD with board nokia 3210 LCD with board nokia 3310 LCD with board nokia 8210 LCD with board nokia 5510 LCD with board nokia 8855 LCD with frame nokia 7110 LCD with frame nokia 3360 LCD with board nokia 5210 LCD with flex nokia 3510 LCD with board nokia 6110 LCD with board nokia 6110 LCD only nokia 3210 LCD only nokia 6210 LCD only nokia 6310 LCD only nokia 7210 LCD with PC board nokia 3350 LCD with board nokia 8110 LCD with flex nokia 8110 LCD with PC board nokia 3350 LCD only nokia 8210 LCD only nokia 2110/2160 LCD with PC board nokia 8310 LCD with frame nokia 8310 LCD with flex nokia 3110 LCD with PC board nokia 9000 LCD with frame nokia 8910 LCD only nokia 252 LCD only nokia 3650 LCD with board nokia 2110/2160 LCD only nokia 232 LCD only nokia 3310 LCD only nokia 8910 LCD with frame motorola c350 LCD motorola t720 LCD complete motorola t720 LCD with flip motorola c650 LCD with frame motorola v220 big LCD with frame motorola v220 LCD complete motorola v150 LCD with flex motorola v8160 LCD with flex motorola v120 LCD with frame motorola t182 LCD with flex motorola v3690 LCD with flex motorola v8088/v51 LCD with flex motorola v3688 LCD with flex motorola v525/v303/ v300/v400/v500 LCD complete motorola v60 LCD with flex motorola t2688 LCD with flex motorola v70 LCD with frame motorola e360 LCD only motorola t192 LCD only motorola e380 LCD motorola c520/m3188 LCD with frame motorola cd920/928 LCD with PC board motorola t191 LCD with frame motorola t189/t2288 LCD with flex motorola v60 LCD with flex motorola cd930/938 LCD with PC board motorola p7689 LCD with frame motorola 6188 LCD with frame starTAC 80 LCD with PC board starTAC 130 LCD with PC board starTAC 70 LCD with PC board motorola v66 LCD only motorola v66 LCD with frame motorola v60 LCD with flip motorola c560/m3688 LCD with frame samsung v200/v205/ v208 LCD complete samsung x100 LCD with frame samsung a800 LCD complete samsung s500 big LCD with frame samsung s300 LCD complete samsung a310 LCD complete samsung x600 LCD samsung c100 LCD with flex samsung e700 LCD complete samsung e700 big LCD with flex samsung 811 LCD complete samsung 300 LCD complete samsung a300 LCD with speaker samsung t100 LCD complete samsung t410/t400 LCD with flex samsung a188/100 LCD complete samsung a188/100 LCD with flex samsung n600/n620 LCD only samsung n288 LCD only samsung a800 big LCD only samsung a400 LCD only samsung r200/r210/r208/r220 LCD only samsung a200 LCD only samsung a300 LCD complete samsung n500 LCD only samsung a205 LCD complete samsung a300 big LCD samsung a300 small LCD samsung a400 LCD complete samsung e108 LCD with flip samsung n188 LCD only samsung a288/200 LCD complete samsung sgh600 LCD only samsung 2400 LCD with flex LG 510 LCD complete/CDMA LG 510 LCD complete/GSM LG 510 LCD with flex/GSM LG 520 LCD complete LG 4400 LCD complete LG 630 LCD with flip LG 1200 LCD with flex LG 3000 LCD with flex LG 3100 LCD with flex LG 5200 LCD complete LG 5250 LCD with flip LG 5250 LCD complete LG 5300 LCD with flex LG 5400 LCD with flip LG 5400 LCD complete LG 6060 LCD complete LG 6200 LCD complete LG 7020 LCD complete LG 7050 LCD complete LG 7100 LCD complete LG 8080 LCD complete LG 8180 LCD with flex LG 8280 LCD complete LG 8500 LCD complete LG w3000 LCD with flex LG 7030 LCD complete LG 600 LCD complete panasonic g50 LCD with flex panasonic x66 LCD with flex panasonic gd87 big LCD with flex panasonic gd87 LCD complete panasonic gd50 LCD with frame panasonic gd90 LCD with frame panasonic gd35 LCD with frame panasonic gd55 LCD only panasonic gd92 LCD with board panasonic gd90 LCD only panasonic gd68 LCD with frame panasonic gd93 LCD with frame panasonic g600 LCD with flex panasonic g450 LCD with flex panasonic g500 LCD with frame panasonic gd92 LCD only panasonic gd93 LCD only panasonic gd93 LCD with board panasonic gd75 LCD with frame alcatel ot835 LCD with frame alcatel ot300 LCD with PC board alcatel ot700 LCD with PC board alcatel ot311 LCD only alcatel ot511 LCD with flex alcatel ot715 LCD with frame alcatel ote LCD only alcatel ote LCD with PC board alcatel db LCD with flex alcatel ot700 LCD with flex alcatel ot511 LCD only Sagem X6/X7 LCD with frame sanyo 580 LCD complete sanyo 8100 LCD complete philips 630 LCD complete philips 9@9 LCD philips 620 LCD with board philips savvy LCD only mitsubishi Trium XS LCD only philips DIGA LCD with speaker NEC db2000 LCD only philips 929/939 LCD only sagem 930/936 LCD with flex philips genie 828 LCD with PC board Tel: 86-757-87235529 Fax: 86-757-87235529 E-mailpullcai@126.com ,Msn wu168520@hotmail.com http://www.ruiyu168.com

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