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Guest Jonathan Rees

Jonathan Rees For Ward 3 Dc City Councilman

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You posted you last comment at the same time I did. But, I will not tolerate any more profanity on these boards. Kids are reading them.

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An overdue but crucial post script. ALL the pro-rees posters on this thread - "Mindy" "Jacob" "DCPoll", "Isadaora" etc - literally all, came from the same IP address. In other words, all from the same computer by someone using different names (and actually answering himself.) This is demonstrably true. Anyone with moderator status on this board can see the IP addresses of EVERY post.


This turns out to be the case for EVERY similar thread involving the discussion of Ward Three on this board. Prior, that is, to a certain candidate learning about proxy IPs - which intentionally disguise IP addresses. However, even then, the same handful of addresses keep reappearing.








If you read carefully, there is only one person using many different names slinging the mud. About 99.9% of the people here are good people who want to hear positions on the issues and not the madness that JT and the many other aliases he uses to sling mud, stir up trouble or turn people off.


You will see, if you read on, that JT is a very unhappy person who spends morning, noon and night on the web thinking up of new screen names and falsehoods to place here and elsewhere because of nothing better to do.


Feel sorry for JT as anybody who can spend 12-14 hours a day on the web firing off the trash he does clearly does not have a real job as a person who has a real job and is somebody of value does not have all this free time on hand to go around torementing good people like you with his crap.

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