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I hope you have had the chance to browse our community disscussion boards.

When your ready to start posting, choose the topic that best describes what your interested in (ie. dating, classifieds, housing, etc).


Members and Guests can click on the Reply button on the top right hand corner to respond to a posted topic.


If you do not see a topic that best suites your needs and want to start one. You can

register and then get access privileges to start posting topics of your own. Note some of the forum areas the moderators have decided not to allow posting new topics without their reviewing it first. This is done to filter out the spam that everyone gets daily.


If you want to wait a while before registering, but you really think a new topic should be posted for our community, you can contact the following members:


Denizens (50 posts veterans), Gurus Moderators (100 posts veterans), and Administrators can create a topic for you.


Or just hit the Reply button on the top right hand corner

and contact me to set up a topic for you.


I hope this helps.

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Should I call the White House and ask them why the Vice President of the United States is posting in here?


It should be interesting to see what their comment is.



Yesterday, under pressure from the President, the Senate overcame a partisan minority and took an important step toward passing an extension of unemployment insurance. We need to keep the pressure on to ensure that there are no more delays and that this assistance gets to our friends and neighbors who lost their jobs during this crisis as soon as possible.


Their struggles are a staggering reminder of how much damage has been done and how many families have had it so tough for so long now -- in no small part due to reckless greed and irresponsibility hundreds or thousands of miles away on Wall Street.


The problem was that year after year, decade after decade, Wall Street gained more and more power in Washington, and they and their allies in Congress fought with everything they had to derail these reforms -- but this time there was a President who fought back, and this time they lost.


Let me tell you something: This President has been fighting for the middle class since Day 1. He stood strong for the Recovery Act that's created or saved 3 million jobs and cut taxes for 95 percent of working families. He fought tooth and nail against the insurance companies to pass health reform after seven previous presidents failed. And now the middle class has won out over the Wall Street lobbyists.


Wall Street reform is a big deal -- and it's only the latest major step forward for the American people.


Poster is correct. There is no way for staff to verify this. Our staff spends many hours deleting spammer posts. Please refrain from posting celebrity or public servants names unless you have signed up for an account or faxed us at 301-493-9273.

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We should consider integrating the message boards with Twitter and Facebook. We can give greater options to filter out flamers, trolls, and spambots that will always plague public community web sites.

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