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This Board is significant to people who have had a brief encounter with someone else at school, but never got their name or number and desperately want to get in touch with them.


Here is your chance find that significant other. Just hit the reply button on your top right. Type in your story and I will get people to spread the word.


Please try to stay on topic. All posts which are not pertinent will be removed.


Thanks in advance.

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Guest Lissette Cancel



My name It's Lissette It was a summer in 1985 i went to the bronx in new york city i meet this guy they used to call him fendi thats the only thing i know about him i don't remember his last name he when to p.s. 45 junior high by fordham he when to visit me in puerto rico and didn't gave him that 2 chance i have been thinking of him for at least 13 years i wish i could see him to tell him i'm sorry in the way i treat him that day he when and visit me i want to know how he and his sister's are doing he used to live at 193 bainbridge i think the building num# was 301 or 310 it's in the corner apt 6a or 6b plz someone help me i can't sleep or do anything with out him in my head it's ok if he's married i just want to know how he it's doing that it's hard to think about him and don't know how he it's doing or his last name i'm trying to get the year book for that year and the school don't have it plz plz plz i know i need help but if you know this fendi plz contact me.




Lissette Cancel

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