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Guest j seeker

Arrest & Conviction Of James Roberts Dc

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Guest j seeker

By: jonny seeker

Date: 5/22/2005 8:13:16 PM State: CA


Looking for legal assistance for 74 year old female.

Harassment by subject known as HONORABLE I RULE AOL SCREEN NAME

AKA. JAMES ROBERTS self admitted trust attorney DC/Maryland/Virginia.Claims to be Harvard Grad.

Subject is approx 35 to 45 years of age.Grew up in the New York area.

Subjects wife is former stockbroker(Jennifer or Jenn)Drive import auto.Approx age early 30's.

Persons claiming to be the above have engaged in

harassment by posting personal contact information of complainant in Cancer Survivor Chat rooms on AOL,which resulted in many crank telephone calls. Subject's created accounts using telephone number of victim.Subject solicited to represent complainant as attorney in above manner.Harassment has continued for approx twelve months.Reward for persons providing information leading to the arrest and conviction of subjects.All above is documented with but not limited too printed transcripts of chat room logs on AOL.This is a solicitation for qualified and sincere assistance.AOL and telephone providers are aware of the violation of civil rights.Help put this duo behind bars.

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