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Baltimore/washington International Airport

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Hourly Garage $20.00

Daily Garage $10.00

Express Service Parking (ESP) $14.00

Long Term Parking $8.00


BWI is served by a comprehensive assortment of parking lots designed to meet the needs of every airport user — stays of less than an hour in close premium spaces, to parking for more than a week on super economical long-term lots. Uniformed security police patrols all of BWI's parking lots, and regularly scheduled shuttles assure swift and comfortable movement of passengers and baggage to and from the airport. For the most up-to-date parking information, please listen to radio station 1040 AM as you approach the terminal. All parking lot shuttles operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For your convenience, all parking lots accept most major credit cards. Parking rates are subject to change. Parking lots or garages may become filled and close. Patron may have to park at other available lots at posted rates.


Hourly Garage

Hourly parking is located in this convenient garage, with easy entrance and exit on I-195. The garage is ideal for short weekday business trips. Check out the new "smart parking" technology on the second level of the garage. Let us guide you to an empty space. Now you can pay before you return to your car with our new Pay & Go machines. The first hour of the garage is FREE, 61-90 minutes is $4.00. Rates are $2.00 each half-hour thereafter, up to a maximum of $20 for the day.


Daily Garage

BWI has a new parking garage at MD 170 and Elm Road, adjacent to the Airport Sheraton Hotel. The garage is now open with 8,400 spaces for daily use in close proximity to the Airport terminal. Rates are $2.00 per hour to a 24-hour max of $10.00. Frequent shuttle bus service is provided from the new garage to the terminal.


Express Service Parking (ESP)

BWI's ESP parking has a new location! ESP, designed for passengers leaving vehicles for more than one day at the Airport, is located on Aviation Boulevard across from the Air Cargo Complex. Frequent shuttle bus service is offered from the lot to the Terminal Building. Rates are $3 per hour up to $14 per day.


Long Term Parking (Previously Satellite Parking)

Long-Term parking lots are served by closely scheduled shuttle buses to assure that you make your flight comfortably and quickly. Covered passenger collection points make this parking service convenient even during inclement weather, and the economical rates make these lots the vacationers' choice. Rates are $1 per hour, up to a maximum of $8 per day.


Cell Phone Lot

BWI has a free cell phone lot for patrons waiting for a phone call from an arriving passenger at the terminal for a pick-up. The lot is located at the entrance to the Daily B parking lot on Elm Road. Check the BWI map for routes to the Daily B lot. Certain access roads will be posted as "No Stopping" along the shoulders for safety and to alleviate traffic congestion while major construction continues at and around the terminal. Patrons can avoid tie-ups at the terminal and better comply with the "No Waiting" restrictions in front of the terminal. Also, patrons can use the hourly garage in front of the terminal for pick-ups and drop-offs. The first hour is free.


Pre-Pay Parking for Quick Exit

There are a total of four “Pay-and-Go” machines in the BWI Airport terminal, allowing travelers to pre-pay parking fees, saving time and money, before exiting the hourly garage through an automated toll plaza.


When using BWI’s hourly garage, travelers should keep their parking voucher with them when going into the airport. Before returning to the garage, customers can use the yellow Pay-and-Go machines to pay their parking fee with cash or credit. The parking voucher will be validated and returned, providing customers with an additional 30 minutes free to return to their cars and exit the garage.


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