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Guest Jack Requa

Metrobus Service Reliability Improves

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Guest Jack Requa

Metrobus' reliability has increased significantly through the first ten months of fiscal year 2005 (July 1, 2004 to April 30, 2005), resulting in improved customer service and satisfaction for the region's transit system.


Metro sets clearly defined annual performance goals relative to improving customer service. Through the first ten months of fiscal year 2005, there has been a gradual improvement in Metrobus availability.


Metrobus riders have seen improvements in service measured by a three percent decrease in the daily number of lost trips per 1,000 trips as a result of fewer bus mechanical failures, and during this 10 month period, service reliability has improved by 12 percent over the same period last year from an average of 4,798 miles between mechanical failures to 5,422 miles this year.


"The decrease in the number of lost trips, an increase in distance between failures, means we are moving in the right direction with improved customer service," said Jack Requa, Chief Operating Office for Metrobus. "The Mean Distance Between Failures has dramatically improved, despite the fact that the average age of our Metrobus fleet has risen from 8.79 years to 9.91 years as we await new buses to complement the existing fleet."


The decrease in service failures and the number of lost trips per 1,000 trips can be attributed to several initiatives launched by Metro during this year. These include an improved preventive maintenance program, increasing diagnostic training for mechanics, and increasing the use of technology on newer buses that inform mechanics of potential problems before they develop.


Today's announcement on bus reliability follows yesterday's report that rail reliability has dramatically improved since last December. In December, there was a delay of four minutes or more nine times during an average weekday. By March, the average number of delays per weekday was reduced to seven and last month, the number of daily delays dropped by one to six. The figures include delays caused by breakdowns, sick passengers and police activities.

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