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Guest Sunny Pitcher

$2000 Reward For Source Of Toxic Containers

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Guest Sunny Pitcher

In light of the recent EMSL Analytical Report:

http://www.wtopnews.com/pdf/voa_data.pdf from the WTOP investigation:

http://wtop.com/index.php?sid=510213&nid=25 confirming that the blue

barrels not only contain apple juice, or are merely a helpful structural

component to floating docs, but that their primary use may be to STORE

HIGHLY TOXIC CHEMICALS, Potomac Paddlesports and The Potomac River Access

Foundation are offering a $2000 REWARD (or up to $2000 worth of new

kayaking gear) to any individual or organization who can positively

identify THE EXACT SOURCE(S) of any TOXIC storage containers as those

found in the WTOP investigation.


As concerned citizens and paddlers, and due to the highly volatile nature

of these compounds, we should not leave anything to chance and assume that

there is an industry within the Potomac watershed who may be skirting its

disposal regulations through negligence, or by intentionally dumping these

containers, perhaps at night, into the Potomac River or it's surrounding

tributaries, while they still contain the toxic compounds. These compounds

may then immediately make their way into the living organisms of the

watershed, including human paddlers. Positive identification of the

container manufacturer(s) and a search of public records pertaining to its

clients may also lead to the culprit.


If you live in the watershed, please contact your representative and demand an

investigation. You may also contact your local media and the offices of

Chris Vanhollen: http://www.house.gov/vanhollen/ to voice your support for

his call on the EPA to investigate. If you find a “Blue Barrel”, leave it

alone and contact Ed Merrifield at Potomac Riverkeeper at

ed@potomacriverkeeper.org as the Riverkeeper is tracking distribution of

these containers throughout the watershed.

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