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Flirting Tips

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Flirting is a serious business, not just a frivolous encounter. In fact it’s not a game at all, it’s really more of a strategy. Think about it, we flirt all the time; we just don’t know we’re doing it. Some of us are so totally unaware of the affect we have on other people, especially those of the opposite sex or even the same sex that we can give off the wrong signals. By developing your flirting skills you can improve your relationships.


Here are a few tips to take notice of next time you’re interacting with people.


Eye Contact. Look people in the eye; let them know you are interested in them.


Hold the Eye Contact. When someone is speaking to you don’t look away, be careful not to be distracted, let him or her know they have your total attention.


Smile. This is such a powerful form of communication that it’s contagious.


Be Approachable. Your body language tells a lot about you and lets others know if you are approachable or not.


Be Encouraging. Be prepared to do some of the work, get involved in the interaction process.



How do you keep the romance alive in your relationships? Many couples think that once you have been together for a while the romance doesn’t matter because you have moved onto another level of the relationship.


It’s the romance, which can keep a relationship alive. It keeps the spark there and after all, you loved the romantic side of the relationship when you first got together so why would you want to let it go now. And its not just the women who want the romance, men love it too. ;)



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