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Simple Plan Concert In Dc!!

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This is my 1st posting and hopefully, I might get some responses. I recently just bought 2 tickets for simple plan concert in DC but suddenly, my friend has to go somewhere else and so she could not make it. Since I can't refund them, I am actually looking for a gal who is interested in going with me, maybe between age 18-23, into punk and rock music and knows what fun is. I am also into other bands like fuel, nickelback, hoobastank, etc. I am 23, asian, fun, attractive, fit and knows how to dress. If you are interested, perhaps we can meet somewhere a few days before the concert to see if we click. Well, let me know if you are interested. My email is devmann.lee@gmail.com


To see a picture of me, I have an account in yahoo personal and my username is 'bomberman_1_1'

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Guest Guest

i love simpleplan more then anything in the whole world but i am 13 sorry you have fun i might go with my friend for my 14th birthday they rock on and pierre so hot its not even funny

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Guest i love chuck!

Simple plan r my favourite band and i just saw them they are soooooo good! i met them after and they'rea ll really really nice! so have fun and enjoy it! :D

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