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Fast becoming a Washington area Tennis Institution and with over 500 Active Members..TennisLink is proving that you don't have to spend a fortune to have Club style Tennis Activities in your Tennis life!!

Explore our TennisLink.org and it's assorted links ...then join the TennisLink Yahoo Group and receive the Daily Schedule of Activities on your e-mail..or just Special Notices ..or you can just chck back on the Group for schedule updates. Enter or Register for Activities and pay right on the TennisLink.org!!

If you have a Yahoo ID & Pass ..the best way to set preferences is to Join Here! If you DO NOT have a Yahoo ID-Pass and would like to be a Virtual Member by being on the TennisLink Yahoo and rcv'ing the Daily Schedule of Activities then all you have to do is Click Here and fill in the Form Near the Bottom of the Page

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It is awesome to find tennis partners online as no one has the time to go to any club. So such social networks are doing a great job.

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