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Keeping a car clean and organized

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Believe it or not, keeping your car clean and organized can make it run more efficiently and last longer, which is why it is so important to maintain vehicles like you would your home. If you are not living in your vehicle, there is no reason to treat it like a closet or storage unit. Unnecessary mess in a car can increase its weight and cause it to burn more fuel, costing you money when you have to fill it with gas more often than not. So at the end of every day take a few minute to rid your car of unnecessary mess. Keeping your car clean and organized is for much more than just looks. On top of saving you money, it can also keep you safe to have a clean and organized vehicle, so take some time to make sure your vehicle is ready for the road inside and out.

Your glove box is not a trash can, so do not fill it with trash. Instead, according to Yahoo, you should keep only the most important items in the glove box such as a first aid kit, phone charge that can be used in the car, a tire pressure gage and the car owner’s manual. On top of these items you should also have important documents such as a copy of your license, the car registration and a copy of your insurance car. If you do not have car insurance, call Farming State Auto at 844-531-4710 to speak to a representative about how to become insured. Avoid cluttering your glove box so in case of emergencies you are not digging through trash in order to find what you need. Keeping your glove box organized and free from unnecessary items is one way to be a safe a responsible driver.

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Source: yahoo.com/autos/s/what-to-keep-in-your-glove-box-011717701.html

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