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Search Engine Evaluation -- Exciting Opportunity

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Hi all. Just wanted to share with you a great opportunity to work from home and make a healthy income. Work your own hours. No phone work involved. The job simply entails analyzing/evaluating Search Engine results. Improving them. I have been with the company for about 3 years. LOVE it. Legit company. Very rewarding work. If interested you can get more information at link below or you can simply email me at leapforceagent@yahoo.com. I will be happy to assist you with questions/comments you may have. Thanks and Good Luck !



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Google. Link provided in previous post will supply you with all the information as well as a neat video that goes in detail as to exaclty how the work you do is used. Here is that video that gives you a bit of insight as to how the whole "process" works.

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