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Guest Save the Farm

Claude Moore Colonial Farm Closure

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Guest Save the Farm

Hi Folks,

Thanks to all of you that have responded to the Farm's desperate situation. We have had offers of home baked cookies, animal feed and hay, free labor and legal help in the fight to reopen the Farm. Many of you have gone to our website www.1771.org and made cash contributions and joined as members. Equally important has been the forwarding of the Farm's plight to all of your contacts which generates additional publicity.

We wanted to bring you up to date on the Farm closure and progress towards reopening to the public. The Farm is still closed with barricades in place however the NPS has never acted on its threat to blockade the staff and volunteer's access to the property. Maybe they are all busy on the mall or standing guard over the scenic overlooks on the George Washington Memorial Parkway but at least they have left us alone.

One of our dedicated volunteers is pursuing the legal route with the Department of the Interior (NPS being part of) as they apparently sent all of the NPS attorneys home as non-essential. We believe, according to our lease with the National Park Service, that we have both a right and a duty to be open to the public. Of course, the Feds don't work weekends so nothing on that front can happen until tomorrow.

In the meantime, the children that started working at the Farm years ago have grown up and are staging a protest tomorrow at the Department of the Interior. The details and their statement is below. I am so proud of them for doing this. There is nothing more heady than fighting for what you think is right and winning. And we will win this fight. If you can join them, do. If not, you can go to our Facebook page and let them know you support their efforts.

The protest is happening Monday October 7 at noon outside the US Dept. of Interior 1849 C Street NW, Washington DC. There will be fliers and information to hand out. Costumes are encouraged but not necessary. We are calling this the "freedom from tyranny colonial rally" and the invite on Facebook reads:

Freedom from Tyranny Colonial Rally!


The Claude Moore Colonial Farm at Turkey Run (McLean, VA) is a living-history museum that portrays family life on a small farm just prior to the Revolutionary War, ca.1771.

The Farm has achieved national recognition for its innovative educational programming that uses the 18th-century Farm as an authentic representation of colonial agricultural and social history - to provide perspective and context for present day life.

The Farm is a completely independent entity, leasing land from the National Park Service but drawing no resources, personnel, and most importantly, currently drawing no money from the NPS or the American people. It funds itself completely through its school, community, and public programs.

However, this government shutdown has caused the NPS to shut down this Farm, despite its independence, proximity to extreme security, and privately paid full staff. Without income from school groups, public programs, and public entry, the Farm will not meet its bills and will have to shut down forever.

This Colonial Rally announces the value of the Farm, telling the NPS, representatives, and your community that this valuable, educational, local, and fun resource needs to be released from the government shutdown - since it is not operated by the United States government.


So that's where we stand right now and as soon as we have any news, we will send out a message to you. Please keep forwarding and posting since we have not had time to add the new email addresses to our contacts list. Compared to the efforts of "Saving the Farm" in 1981, it's almost dreamy with email, Facebook and twitter. I'm trying very hard to answer every one of you but it may take a little while before you hear back from me.

Thanks to all of you that have reached out to us from across the country. It's not easy to take on the government but with your help and support we will win this fight.

Thank you,

Anna Eberly
Managing Director


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