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Yang and Yin

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Guest Question

X: Can one truly gain knowledge without truth or belief?


Y: One should not believe something to be true unless they have gained knowledge that it is


X: Do you believe in the value of money?


Y: You are confusing beliefs and values


X: Why do you consider a dollar in your purse to be worth anything?


Y: Did you want me to give you a financial treatise on how the value if money is derived?


X: No. Just an understanding that fiat currency is based on trust. If the trust is lost then it is not worth anything.


Y: It is not based on trust. It is based on a common agreement and it's purchasing power, which is based on a number of variables.


X: So if there is common agreement proving something has value then it is determined to be true?


Y: The common agreement creates the value, it does not prove it. Value is a man-made concept, not a universal truth.


X: Are you absolutely sure that there is a universal truth? Or is "universal truth" a man-made agreed concept as well?


Y: There are universal truths. Things exist independently of people and there is proof of that.


X: So happiness and love are not universal truths?

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