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Incense for Aromatherapy & Other Medicinal Benefits

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Hi all we are the India based manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of fine quality incense sticks, agarbatti and dhoop sticks which are used for various medicinal properties, health benefits and aromatherapy purpose.


Visit our website for more information on different kinds of incense sticks used in aroma therapy and other medicinal properties.

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Nice Post!


Incense has so many benefits which many people are not aware of. I know when I was a child then I came to know about the agarbatti sticks(in India incense sticks are also called agarbatti and dhoop batti). Then I was told that agarbatti are for the purpose of worshiping god and goddess.


But later I came to know about different benefits of incense sticks like in aromatherapy, medicinal properties, alternative medicines, etc. This article also states some benefits of the incense sticks, dhoop and agarbatti.


Anyway I am a regular user of incense sticks in my house.

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