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Guest Radwick

Microsoft Silverlight - Error Code 2103 - Netflix no longer works

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Guest Radwick

I just got this message:


Silverlight Installation Problem


Error Code: 2103


You have encountered an issue specific to Microsoft Silverlight, the software used to watch movies on the Netflix website. This issue is often resolved by uninstalling and then reinstalling Microsoft Silverlight on your computer.

To uninstall Microsoft Silverlight on your Windows computer, please follow these steps:

  1. Close any currently open internet browser windows
  2. Click on the Start button.
  3. Select Control Panel.
  4. In Windows XP, select Add or Remove Programs. In Windows Vista/Windows 7, select Programs & Features.
  5. Locate and click on Microsoft Silverlight
  6. Choose Remove in Windows XP or Uninstall in Windows Vista/Windows 7.

After completing the above steps, attempting to Watch Instantly on www.netflix.com will prompt you to reinstall Microsoft Silverlight.


Silverlight was running fine. I was watching a television series. All of sudden I got the above error message. I tried deleting the program and reinstalling it, but it does not work. Help!!!

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