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Looking for a developer to use existing libraries to create mobile merchant application for Iphone and Android that sync from current MYSQL database. We are looking for a developer experienced in mobile sync and writing apps that communicate with custom websites and existing social media datastores and ensure mobile application looks perfect on all smart phones and tablets


Not looking to reinvent the wheel. Looking for something similar to:




Here are some developer apps that I am evaluating






I am familiar and reluctant to use Open Source Databases like Oscommerce, due to security. Also, the actual shopping cart will be Yahoo.


The current web site uses a PERL script to generate flat file pages.

The web site also uses a frame that sends customer to a yahoo shopping cart and database that resides on a separate url (web site).


A PHP Script would be needed to fetch data from the yahoo store merchant database.


See Yahoo developer page for more information.






USE PHP script to fetch the data from the yahoo store


Need estimate that breaks down the project


1 .Template Integration and design


2. Application Development(includes category page,product page, checkout process)


A .apk file for Android

B .ipa file for Iphone


3. Submit files to Apple Store and Play Market.

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