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Guest BloggerGuy

We Dare Not let Them Die in Vain

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Guest BloggerGuy

Or it will be all to clear the depths of our corruption against the American people.

No truer words could ever be voiced in the history of our nation.

The cast of characters could be easily inter changed from the current party to another only the faces would be changed and the slogans the methods would remain the same fear “ His foreign policy would be a dangerous precedent “ He’s living in a fantasy world in the really world things fail” but these banks to big to .

I wonder just how many wars would we have been in if there where laws in place that no one in position of government could in any way profit except by way of their pay while in office.

And they would be subject to the same laws we the people are. Case in point Obama care. The American people where told you will just have to pas it to understand it . If they meant we would not know the full extend in which we the people would be @#$%% than it would be one of the few times they where telling the truth not talking out of both sides of their mouth with different messages

It would seen Obama’s lets make it clear act doesn’t apply to much. For truly in our court system we the people are innocent till proven guilty and we are pledged to tell the whole truth nothing but the truth so help us God. The courts judges and lawyers are another matter


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Guest itRaty 303-310

Albeit fragmented yes more and more of the pieces coming to light but as we get closer to breaking through the behind door decsions made in our behalf it become less so fragmented.

And much more corrupt hidden in plan sight .

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