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Guest MerilynMelo

Pleased to meet every personone here

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Welcome! For the most part most of us are KINDA mellow in here. I'm not really mellow when I see this country going down the tubes though. It's the politics thing that sets some of us off in here, but the Administrator keeps folks like me in line as well as others.


It's a nice web site.

Plus to be perfectly honest, there is information on the business side I have NOT been posting in here cause there is just WAYYYYYYYYYYYY too much politics involved.


As well as the internet side were they WOULD view the information as great investment Links which would be helpful to this country, and also not helpful "The information is neutral".


But then again there is that pesky ideological points of view that gets in the way, plus folks thinking that they are GODS and know better.


Christ!!! I can't even type about going GREEN in here because there ARE democrats in here who would use the information to push their ideology over everyone else, and most folks would take the ideological bate over the economic realties that our country faces.







I am here to say hello to everybody.

Have a nice day.

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