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Guest Tim_Braid

Please don't judge a book by it's cover, just here what I have to say...

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Guest Tim_Braid

I created the following website: http://www.theinvisiblenigger.com


Below is a story I wrote based on a conversation I had with a friend while riding the metro. I would like you to read the story and tell me if you think my ideas on the website I created could help the daughter in her current situation.


Riding the bus on the metro


Susan: I really just want her to leave...


Tim Braid: Who Susan, who do you want to leave?


Susan: My daughter!


Tim Braid: Why Susan, why do you want your daughter to leave the house?


Susan: Because she don’t do anything!! She sits around in the house doing nothing. She leaves

the house for days at a time. Comes back to take a shower. Making in the mess in the process,

running up my water bill!! She’s a grown ass woman acting like a grown ass child!!


Tim Braid: Does she pay rent?


Susan: Nope.


Tim Braid: Does she have a job?


Susan: She don’t got that either.


Tim Braid: Do you think if she were able to pay rent you would not mind having her around?


Susan: Tim it ain’t about if she can pay rent or not. It’s about her character and her attitude.


Tim Braid: I don’t understand?


Susan: She wants to be a grown ass woman and do what she wants but she don’t know how to be a grown as woman! She don’t know about responsibilities, duties and chores. She leaves the house for days at a time, and when I’m gone she brings people to the house. People I don’t even know. People, who mess with my stuff, sit on my toilet, eat my damn food. I don’t tolerate that crap Tim, I just don’t.


Tim Braid: Maybe she needs time to grow up.


Susan: Tim, that girl is 21 years old!!! She already grown!! It’s time for her to move out. Get her own place. Pay her own way!! I’m tired of supporting her. I’m tired of cleaning up after her own mess!


Tim Braid: What does your boyfriend/husband think about this? What does Joe think?


Susan: Oh he thinks the same thing. Once me and Joe move in to our new house she’s going to have to find somewhere else to live?


Tim Braid: Where do you think she will go? What do you think she’s going to do?


Susan: I don’t know Tim, she may have to go to a shelter for a while or tough it out on the streets until she can get her act together.


Tim Braid: I feel bad for your daughter Susan. I wish there was a way she could be helped. I wish there was a way I could help her.


Susan: I wish I could help her too Tim, I did the best I could, while I could but now her time’s up. She’s got to move on and so do I...


Tim Braid: Speaking of moving on, this is my stop. See you later Susan. I hope things get better for your daughter.


Susan: Alright Timothy you take care now.


Timothy exits the metro bus


Thank you for reading. To be honest, I do not know if my ideas on my site could help Susan's daughter. I think if her daughter were 14 or 15 and would be willing to enroll in a home school program, than maybe it would be possible for her to be helped. Now at the age of 21 I am not sure how I would go about helping her with her problems and her issues. It may be possible, but I am not sure. Like I said in my story I feel sorry for this young lady. Obviously she is troubled and clearly she is lost. Believe me, I want to use my ideas to try and help her, and others in her situation, other like her who party to take away the pain. Drinking compulsively because they feel invisible, living day to day without a purpose, a goal, a dream because deep down in their deepest of hearts, they feel like a **derogatory term used to refer to black people** and they feel bad. They are angry and they are mad and I want to take away their anger and humiliation through a more direct from of education I laid out on the website. But here is the problem....


I am also an invisible **derogatory term used to refer to black people**. I am not a rich man. I am not a talented basketball player like Lebron James. I do not have the IQ or the programming skills of Mark Zuckerburg. And I clearly do not have the power to say "You're Fired" like Donald Trump. I am nothing, I am a **derogatory term used to refer to black people**. I am dumb but I am not a fool. No my father did not raise a fool and my mother did not give birth to a complete idiot because I am well aware of my flaws and my inadequacies. I know at times I can be extremely ignorant and I want to change that, I really do.


The problem is for me to create such a school I would need money and most of all I would need support from parents who would be willing to trust me with their children. They would need to trust me to be able to educate their children, helping them learn and grow to the best of their abilities. I don't want them to grow up lost and confused. I don't want them to be 21 years old and not have a job or a place to go when it's time for the babies to leave their parents nest.


I don't know if my ideas will come true any time soon, but if you like what I have written, like my ideas and agree with the overall theme of the website. I'd love to have your support by joining my message board I created on the website. Once again thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you soon.


Tim Braid

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Guest Tim Braid

Are entertainers more loved than teachers, educators and scholars? We see them all the time on T.V. They make us laugh, they make us cry and the make us want to be in another world where we can be like them. They make us want to be in a place where we can be popular, a place where people notice us, respect us and love us for the things we do on stage and on the screen. It is the main reason we strive to live our lives to the fullest, not so we can work hard but so we can play hard, long and with vigor and passion.


We live to play not to work. As children we ate dinner knowing at the end of the meal our dessert would grace us with it’s presence and entertain us in ways our meal could not. We go to cookouts with friends and family to enjoy the company and enjoy their time but we also go to cookouts for the beer and the alcohol to take us to that place of existence where we can be more colorful and more free to do as we please.


Face it people, we love the spotlight and we love the drama. We crave for the attention and fame these entertainers and performers provide for us day in and day out on a regular basis. Yet, when forced to sit in a classroom to listen to a teacher speak, we are not inspired to the same degree when we see an entertainer and a performer flash his flashy lights or her flashy colors. It’s just not the same and I think this sucks because educators should be entertainers. They should be loved and respected as much as entertainers and performers because what they do is extremely important to the life blood of our society.


Yet, for the most part, they are treated as second class citizens because the system is flawed. Their is no soul in the public school system. Where is the color on the chalkboard? Where is the magic in the textbooks? Why can’t our school system be like Hogwarts? Why can’t Harry Potter, The Dark Tower Series or Ender’s game be required reading in all schools?? Do you really our teens are going to be inspired to read and write if you give them books by Jane Austin? At 14 I had to read the Odyssey as required summer reading...ARE YOU frakING KIDDING ME!!!!


We treat our students like commodities, meaningless robots, unimportant machines while our entertainers and “heroes” treat us like actual human beings. They play for our hearts and sing to the tune of our souls. Our heartbeats are the same. Our souls are one. We are respected by our tele-gods. We are loved. Their art makes us want to be better people and more happy human beings because that is what I believe that was the intention of the Man upstairs. He wanted us to be happy people with happy goals and noble dreams. I admit I am often unsure of His intentions but one thing I am sure of is we need to put the human spirit back into schools!


We need to make education more conducive to the make up of our genetic spirit. In other words, we need to make it more fun and enjoyable for the masses so children will actually want to go to school and want to learn because learning is what we have to do to grow and evolve into better more productive people of this country and world. It is what we need to do to over come depression, rid ourselves of negative toxic thoughts and face our fears with an iron sword and a golden heart in the shape of a golden pistol. When it comes to education we need to be gunslingers, not breakers. When it comes to teaching we need to be entertainers and treat our students, our children like human beings and not grade point averages. Please America, please let’s make an effort to use art and entertainment to give our students a reason to learn and live. Let our classrooms be a world of color instead of a world of text and numbers.


Tim Braid

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